WrinklesAs the age grows, your skin becomes saggy and loose slowly and this is the indication of wrinkles over skin. The most visible areas of wrinkles are face, hands and neck. Skin appears when elastin and collagen of connective tissues of skin decreased in number. Skin having wrinkles appears less fat content, smoothness and elasticity.

Some of the home remedies for wrinkles are mentioned below.

Lukewarm Water– Wash the face with lukewarm water and wipe your wash and use rough towel for the purpose. Take a mixture of milk cream and four drops of lemon juice. Apply this over the face. Wash the face after 20 minutes. A regular application of about 20-25 days will remove the wrinkles.

Olive Oil– Take some olive oil and massage gently it over the face. It is the natural home remedies for wrinkles.

Cold Water– Cold water is the effective home remedy for wrinkles. Wash thoroughly your face and remember don’t wipe your face. Pat your face dry with your hands. It makes the face beautiful as well as fresh.

Papaya– Take a ripe papaya and collect its pulp. Apply this over your face and leave it for sometime and wash with cold water. To cure wrinkles, daily application of papaya is necessary. It also makes the skin look fairer. You can also apply this over neck and massage in the circular motion. The home remedy for wrinkles will cure wrinkles.

Cucumber– Cucumber is effective remedy for wrinkles. Take a cucumber and cut it in thin slices. Place these slices over the eyes and other areas of face. If practices for two weeks, helps to remove wrinkles from the areas around foreheads and eyes.

Lemon Juice-Take a fresh lemon and extract juice from it. Apply this juice over the face and other areas like neck and hands. You can also rub the used peels of lemon over face. It will make face beautiful and soft.

Massage– Massage your face in the opposite direction of wrinkles. You can try massaging from bottom to top at the forehead, cheeks and chin area. It is one of the simplest home remedies for wrinkles.

Flax Seed Oil– Take some flax seed oil and massage the face, hands and neck well. It will remove the wrinkles and make it look younger.

Pineapple– Take fresh pineapple and extract juice from it. Daily application of that juice is effective for curing wrinkles and makes it look younger. You can also use apple juice in place of pineapple juice.


Castor Oil– Take some pure castor oil and apply this over your face at night before going to bed as it is the wonderful home remedy for wrinkles.

Turmeric– Turmeric has a reputed place in the medical world because of its health beneficial values and beauty benefits. Take some powder of turmeric and add sugarcane in it to make a fine paste. Now, apply this paste over skin. Leave for few minutes and wash it off with water. It is helpful for those who are suffering from slow skin aging.

Coconut Oil– Take some coconut oil and use it to massage over the wrinkle prone area in the circular motion. You can try this every night before going to bed.

Thompson Seedless Grapes– The green Thompson seedless grapes are good remedy for wrinkles. Take some grapes and cut them in half, you can either massage your face with them or apply the juice over the wrinkle prone areas of skin. Leave for 20 minutes and finally rinse with lukewarm water. Leave it to dry naturally in the air.

Carrot Juice– Drink ½ gram of the juice of fresh carrots daily for two week continuously as it is effective cure for wrinkles.

Sun Projection– No doubt sun is the effective source of vitamin D but sunrays are the main culprit which can give way to wrinkles. You have to avoid going out in the direct sun and should use a sunscreen before going out in sun.


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