warts1Warts are a kind of hard growth over the skin. Sometimes it spreads all over the body. They are harmless and very common in children as compared to adults. A virus human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of warts. It is also known as skin tumors. Some of the kitchen remedies are also helpful as that can treat the warts.

Home Remedies for Warts

Castor Oil– Take some castor oil and apply it directly over the warts affected area. This should be done every night before going to sleep. It is a wonderful home remedy for warts. Use this for some weeks and also daily.

Flaxseed Oil– Take some flaxseeds and flaxseed oil and add it in some raw honey. Mix all the ingredients properly. Apply this over warts as it is effective home remedy for warts.

Garlic– Garlic cloves have to be crushed properly to make a fine paste. Apply it over the warts and cover either with a washed cloth or tie a clean bandage over it.

Pineapple– Cut a fresh pineapple in small pieces. Put these pieces over the warts’ affected area. Use this wonderful remedy for warts 2-3 times a day to remove the infection.

Fig– Collect some figs stem and leave it over warts for sometime. It is excellent home remedy.

Dandelion Weeds– Take some dandelion weeds and extract white milky juice from them in a container. Put this liquid over the warts for some days. Do these 2 times a day. It is fantastic home remedy for warts.

Camphor Oil– You can cover the warts area with camphor oil many times a day as it is effective in removing warts.

Grape Fruit Extract– Take few drops of grape fruit extract and apply this over warts area.

Potato-Collect some raw potatoes and cut them in slices. Rub the slices over the warts area many times a day for the removal of infection. It is a good remedy for warts.

Vitamin C Tablets– Take some Vitamin C tablets and crushes them well. Apply this over the warts. Cover with a thin cloth or with a bandage.

Onion– Onion acts as a full proof idea for the treatment of warts. It can treat warts as they are frustrating for skin and also plays essential role for the blood circulation.


Tea Tree Oil– To melt warts, apply some tea tree oil over the warts affected area for about 7-10 days as the application is wonderful home remedy for warts.

Indian Squill– Indian Squill is helpful remedy for warts. The bulb of this herb is effective for the treatment of warts. Apply some powder of this herb over the affected area for some days.

Marigold– Marigold is a wonderful herb that is used for the treatment of warts. Take some fresh leaves of the plant and extract juice from it. Also, apply this liquid over the warts affected area. It is helpful remedy for the elimination of warts.

Cashew Nut Oil– Collect the oil from the shells of cashew nuts. It is a tough irritant of the skin. Apply the oil over the affected area for some days as it is awesome home remedy for warts.

Banana Peel– Take a banana and separate the peel from it. Now, place the yellow side of the peel over the warts affected area. Tie a bandage over it and leave it overnight. You can change the peel within12-20 hours until the warts completely removed.

Warm Water– Soak the wart affected area in the warm water for some minutes. Pat it dry. Now, apply the apple cider vinegar over warts and leave it for sometime. After some time wash again that area. It is a natural remedy for warts.


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