stk64527corTeeth are known as the pearls of the beauty of the human being. The person having no problem in the tooth can smile freely but if the tooth are not cared properly or due to some injury or infection, toothache can also be happen but there is no need to worry as the problem can be cured with the help of home remedies for toothache.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Ice Massage– Take some ice cues, rub it in the area between forefinger and thumb and continue it for some time. It is an easy way to relieve toothache. It also impulses the pain that generally travels along the nerve pathway. The success rate of this specific home remedy is 60%-70%. Ice can also be rubbed over the paining tooth to ease the condition.

Clove Oil– The oil of clove is one of the finest home remedies for toothache. Apply the oil over the paining tooth as it helps to reduce pain but also removes any kind of infection.

Pepper Powder– The powder of pepper is used in relieving the toothache. Take about a pinch of pepper powder and ¼ teaspoon of common salt. Mix the both and apply over that area. This is a wonderful remedy for toothache.

Spinach– Take some fresh leaves of spinach and extract juice from it. Apply the juice to the tooth or simply chew some fresh leaves for stronger gums.

Garlic– Take a clove of garlic and place it over the affected area with the rock salt. It kills bacteria and germs. It not only lessens but cures the pain, so that it is one of the easiest remedy for toothache.

Mustard Oil – Take a pinch of salt and 2- 3 drops of mustard oil. Massage your jaws with this for instant relief. It also makes jaws and gums stronger. Make a habit of using this at least once a day preferably before going to bed.

Pepper and Clove Oil – Take a pinch of pepper and 2-3 drops of clove oil. This oil can be directly applied to the cavity. It gives relief from toothache by fighting germs. It is very simple and proven home remedy for toothache.

Asafoetida – It is very well known remedy for toothache. It increases the strength of teeth.

Bay Berry and Vinegar-Take a few drops of vinegar and add some woof of bay berry in it. Use this paste to get instant relief from toothache. Regular use of it makes the gums strong.

Lemon/ Orange Juice – Vitamin C rich fruit help in keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Lemon juice is a proven home remedy for toothache. If you have bad breath or bleeding (from gums), drink lemon or orange juice daily.


Clove – Clove has antiseptic as well as astringent properties. If you have severe toothache, keep a clove seed on the paining tooth and keep your mouth close. It gives instant relief by soothing the affected tooth.

Onion – Take a small onion and chew it for 5-7 minutes daily. It keeps the gums fresh by killing the germs. You can also apply onion juice over paining tooth. Chewing onion gives bad odor but it also has a cure. You can have some mouth freshener after that. One of the useful home remedies for toothache.

Wheat Grass – The juice of wheat grass keeps a check on bacteria growth and spins out toxins from gums. It is a natural toothache remedy.

Oil of Oregano – It can be directly applied on the affected tooth. It fights against tooth decay and microbial activity.

Potato – Place a piece of potato on the paining tooth and leave for 15-20 minutes. It helps reducing toothache.

Tea Bag– You can also place a tea bag (hot) over the sore tooth to get instant relief from toothache problem.


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