Stretch Marks

stretchmarksAlmost 50% of pregnant ladies suffer from thin lines (reddish in color) on the skin. When the skin is lengthened more than its capacity and the elastic fibers of skin stop working, middle layer skin tissues can be spotted through outer (thin) layer of skin. These are termed as stretch marks. After delivery, these marks fade slowly.

Following are some causes of stretch marks

Obesity is the major cause of stretch marks. Men as well as women who have gained significant weight can suffer from stretch marks.

Heredity is another cause of stretch marks. Some hormonal problems cause stretch marks.

Excessive intake of chemicals for long period of time can cause stretch marks.

Nutritional deficiency is another cause of stretch marks.

Home remedies are very beneficial in all kinds of diseases.

They do not have side effects as some medical drugs do have. Some home remedies for curing stretch marks are as follows-

Olive oil is very beneficial in treating stretch marks. Rub warm olive oil on affected areas two times daily. It regulates blood circulation and reduces stretch marks.

Add one ounce of Sweet almond or jojoba oil to 5 drops of chamomile and 7 drops of lavender oil. Rub gently on stretch marks. It is a very popular and effective home remedy for stretch marks.

Mix 1/2-cup olive oil to 4 vitamin A capsules liquid, 1/4-cup of aloe vera gel and 6 Vitamin E capsules. Blend these and store the blended ingredients in a container. It is advisable to keep the mixture in refrigerator. Rub the oil gently on stretch marks affected area. It is very useful home remedy for stretch marks.

Take a lotion on palms and mix some coffee powder to it. Rub this on stretch marks for 2-3 minutes. After that, use a moist towel to wipe off. Do this 2 times daily. It works like wonders in treating stretch marks.

Drink plenty of water to maintain adequate level of water in the body. It makes the skin smooth and glowing. It gets the toxins out of the body and restores elasticity of skin. It is natural and simple home remedy to minimize stretch marks.


Massage the affected area with calendula, lavender, flaxseed or cod liver oil. Each has its own medicinal and herbal quality. These oils minimize stretch marks and are very well known home remedies for stretch marks.

Vitamin E is very essential for skin health. You can blot vitamin E oil caplets on the affected area.

Mix equal quantity of calendula oil to wheat germ oil. Apply regularly on stretch marks affected areas like breast, hips and abdomen. You can notice reduction in stretch marks.

Take few drops of castor oil and rub on the stretch marks for 1-2 minutes. Wrap the affected area with plastic sheet. Put a hot pad on it. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. It is very simple home remedy for curing stretch marks.

Cocoa butter lotion is very effective on stretch marks. Smear some lotion after every bath. It soothes skin also.

Mix equal quantity of almond oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil. Rub this gently on stretch marks affected areas. It is known as most effective treatment for curing stretch marks.

Include sufficient amount of Vitamin A, C and E rich fruits and vegetables to your diet. These vitamins help in restoring elasticity and glow of skin.

Exercising also helps in reducing stretch marks. It tightens the skin and restores elasticity.

A Home remedy is very beneficial if used properly and regularly. Pregnant women should consult the doctor before taking any home remedy.


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