Young woman hand on forehead, eyes closed, close-upStress is the reaction of body to the any disturbing condition it can either be emotional, social, mental or physical. These changes can effect in any sense either good or bad. To avoid stress completely is not possible but it can be avoided to some context. Overwork, death of any close relative and surgery can be the cause of stress. It also puts some negative effects to body like fatigue, headache, muscle pain, memory loss, shallow breathing, and loss of appetite, lower sexual drive and backache. All these conditions further reaches to the severe stage as it can invite skin disorders, heart attack, obesity and in some cases cancer.

Home Remedies for Stress

Holy Basil (Tulsi) – Tulsi is known as adaptogen or anti stress agents. Fresh tulsi leaves are powerful home remedy for stress. You can chew 10-20 tulsi leaves on the daily basis. Take 20-25 leaves of basil and boil them in water, when it leaves to half of whole water you can drink this. This resulted decoction can also be taken to get maximum benefits. One of the popular home remedies for stress.

Yogurt– Yogurt is blessed with Vitamin A, B complex and D Vitamin, so it proves best home remedy for stress. It also provides relief to the body from migraine, insomnia and menstruation pain. It is a beneficial diet for stress patients too.

Hot Water Bath-Whenever you feel stressed you can take hot water bath. This not only relieves the body from stress but also cures anxiety. It is a wonderful home remedy for stress. You can also take steam bath as it also provides same benefit to the body.

Rose Petals– The fragrant rose petals are known as symbol of love but very few people know that it is an effective home remedy for stress. Take some fresh petals of rose and add it in a cup of boiling water, also add sugar according to your taste. You can drink this decoction whenever you feel any stress.

Honey– Add a tablespoon of honey in hot water, intake this decoction at the time of stressful situation. It is a simple but effective home remedy for stress.

Licorice– Licorice is a wonderful weapon against stress; it also protects the body from damaging effects of stress as it increases energy, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system of body.

Bishop’s Weeds– Bishop weeds or ajwain is helpful in the treatment of stress. You can take some seeds of this and put them in your handkerchief and sniff them for sometime.

Ginger– Take some dry ginger and add some warm water or warm milk (as per your choice) to it. Apply this to your forehead, it will provide you wonderful cooling properties and also help to ease the condition.


Sage– Sage is a valuable home remedy for stress. Take a cup of boiling water and add a tablespoon of dry sage in it. Cover it with lid. After sometime, strain the decoction and add honey as per your choice to it. Drink this when it is still warm.

Almonds– Take 5 kernels of almonds and add them in a glass of warm milk. You can take this every morning to get rid of stress.

Ginseng-Ginseng is a wonderful herb which is also known for treating stress. You can take a capsule of ginseng or also you can replace it with ginseng tea three times a day. You can continue this for continuous two weeks but remember not take this more than two weeks.

Proper Sleep – If a person is suffering from loss of sleep then it is definite that he/she must be suffering from stress. The higher centers of brain are first that reacts to overwork and anxiety. Thus, this person may become stressed and he/she may loss interest in life. So, one should take at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily.


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