Skin Allergies

Allergies eruption on skinAllergy, often referred as Hypersensitivity is a state in which the human body gives exaggerated response to some foreign particles or change in climatic conditions. These substances can be differ from person to person and are called allergens. Substances that act as allergen for a person may or may act as allergen for others.

The most common cause of skin allergies is impairment in immune system that occurs due to excess of toxins.Foreign particles that can cause allergy include pollens, dust, cosmetics, and animal hair; poisonous plants, vaccines. Some people are allergic to physical agents that include heat, cold and sunlight.Foods that cause allergy include wheat, milk, eggs, fish and other sea foods, chocolates, tomatoes, oranges and strawberries. If you know, that a particular substance acts a allergen for you, avoid taking it or being in contact with it.Skin allergies can be in the form of rashes,dry skin,itching,boils etc.Three main types of problems associated with skin allergies are dermatitis,hives and prickly heat.

Some of the home remedies for skin allergies are listed below:

Lemon juice mixed with coconut oil when applied to the affected area can be helpful in curing skin allergies.

Apply mashed almond leaves to the affected area. This is a very good home remedy for skin allergy.

Make a paste of sandalwood with rose water. Apply it on your face for 30 minutes and then wash it off. It is helpful in treating skin allergies.

Do not change your cosmetics frequently.

You must drink a lot of water to prevent all types of skin allergies. You can also take lemon juice and sherbets.

Intake of fruits and vegetables that have high water content in them also help in curing skin allergies.

Take 1/4 cup vodka, 10 drops of rose oil and 1/2 cup of fresh deep-red rose petals.Add these in two cups of distilled water and apply it on your face. This is a natural home remedy for skin allergies.

People with weak immunity should take food rich in vitamin C. This will make their immunity strong .

Avoid smoking and intake of alcohols.

Rubbing an ice cube over the affected area cools the skin and thus soothes the itch immediately.

Bleached flours exacerbates allergic reactions. So avoid taking everything that is made up of bleached flour.

Don’t take processed foods,processed meat including frozen food.

Apply paste of sandalwood with 1 teaspoon of lime juice to the allergic area. This is a effective home remedy for skin allergies.

Avoid taking white sugar and products made of it as it is chemically whitened which is toxic.

Apply the juice of jambula(Plum) mixed with soda in case of Prickly heat.


Apply 1 tablespoon of crushed poppy seeds in 1 tablespoon of water and lime juice on the affected areas for quick relief. This is a good remedy for skin allergy.

Always use a neat and clean towel to wipe your body.

Take green leafy vegetables as they contain vitamin and minerals that nourishes the skin. This is a natural home remedy that cures from skin allergies.

Every time you go out and come back, wash your face with water. In winters, use Luke warm water.

In case of hives, apply the juice of sarpagandha (Rauwolfia) on the swollen parts to reduce itching.It gives immediate relief.

Avoid foods,substances,drugs that trigger the allergic reaction.

Drinking syrup made up of five grams of garden mint in water and 12 grams of sugar twice a day gives immediate relief. This is a good home remedy for skin allergy.

Take two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Add it in a glass of water.Drink it once a day. This will help in curing from skin allergies.
Application of aloeVera gel over the allergic area will sooth the area and will give a cooling effect.


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