hqdefaultFungal infection of the skin is called as ringworm; it clearly means skin infection caused by fungus. It is also known as Tinea. Ringworm can affect to scalp, nails, groin area, feet and on any other part of body. Ringworm is red ring like structure or oval shape with raised skin and is very contiguous and very common skin disorder. It can affect all age of person but very common among children because of lack of protective fatty acids in their body. If someone affected by ringworm then it’s very common to get this infection from that person to other by skin to skin contact or spread by other particle such as comb, pool, unwashed towel/clothes used by affected person.

Home Remedies for Ringworm

One of the good home remedy is rubbed your skin with raw papaya slices on affected area of ringworm otherwise you can prepare paste of raw papaya and apply on affected area. Both the solution is very helpful to get rid from this problem.

Another natural home remedy for treating ringworm is paste of mustard seeds. Application of mustard seeds paste on ringworm area and wash it out with warm water.

Apply directly tea tree oil on affected area will also keep away the infection. You can see the result within a day.

Daily Application of Black walnut extract on infected area will heal the infection.

Daily application of iodine or calamine lotion can speed healing the infection.

Take the juice of raw turmeric, apply on ringworm and also mix one teaspoon of juice with 1 teaspoon of honey should be taken side by side for ringworm cure.

Extract of Grapefruit Seed application on affected area will heal the ringworm.

Take the Bleach powder and mix with 6 time water amount. Apply one part of it on your skin will give the result within few days.

Application of cassia tree leaves will help full to get rid from itching caused by ringworm.

Mix the Carrot juices, spinach juices with 3:2 ratio and drink it. This is very effective home remedy to fight against ringworm.

Apply coconut oil on your affected part of your body to stop the itching caused by ringworm.

Try to avoid coffee, tea and bottled juices, food because they are not good for your body.

To get relief from ringworm then apply mudpack over the affected body parts.

Take the fresh leaves of basil and prepare juice of it. Apply over affected area will give better result.

Mix the paste of seeds of herb butea with a lime juice and apply on ringworm patches. This one of the effective home remedies for ringworm.

Drink plenty of water and get as much fresh air as you can get. Bath twice a daily and massage affected area by palm before bath.

Avoid using affected people clothes or other article like comb, brush etc. Clean all of these with warm water before using next time.

Apply nail polish on ringworm. This is one of the simple home remedy for curing ringworm.
Apply iodine on affected area twice a day. This will help to prevent ringworm.


Rub affected are with vinegar and covered with toothpaste. This will work like a charm.

Dip cotton in hydrogen peroxide and rub affected area. Apply neosporin after cleaning with hydrogen peroxide.

Try to avoid salt free diet and eat as much boiled vegetable as you can with brown bread or chapatti with fruits.

Take copper coin and soak with apple cider vinegar and place on ringworm affected area.

Boil the tobacco leaves in water and apply this water on affected area will help to get rid from it.

Take Garlic cloves and rub affected area by this. You can dry these cloves and place on affected area and cover with clothes or bandage.

Apply sea salt on your body but wet your affected body before applying sea salt. After 30minutes wash with water.

Stay away from pets, dog and from other animals.

Sour foods such as cheese, curd or sour soup must be avoided during infection period.

Bitter drumstick and neem must be consumed to get rid of ringworm.

Drink ginger tea or lemongrass tea three times a day. Also soak cotton with tea and apply on affected area while drinking tea.


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