Razor Burns

Razor-BurnsRazor burns is a very common problem which is generally faced by those who used razor at the regular intervals. If you want to get exactly what razor burns are so you can make idea that razor burn is a skin irritation which is a result of excess or wrong usage of razors. It is caused by ingrown hair. It causes irritation and disappears after some time as after days or weeks. In some cases, the burns also appear with razor bumps. In this case the hair that area shaved gets a raised welt which infect pustule.

Some of the most common and effective home remedies are mentioned below:

Aloe Vera Gel– Incase of having razor burns you can take some aloe Vera gel and used to apply it over the affected skin as the gel is natural as well as soothing. The home remedy for razor burns will prevent irritation and redness.

Vinegar– Vinegar is blessed with antiseptic properties. So, you can choose either apple cider vinegar or normal vinegar to cure burns and cuts over skin. To use vinegar is apparent when the bacteria and impurities are present on the skin. It will also prevent infection or inflammation of the skin. It acts like a refresher for the upper layer of the skin thus avoids irritation having with burns.

Potato– Potato is known as one of the finest home remedies for razor burns. Take a potato and peel it and cut small slices of it. Put these over the affected areas. After 15 minutes remove slices and ash the area well. Apply a mild moisturizer over it. It will not only hydrate skin but also avoid dryness as well itchiness occurs as the result of razor burns.

Strawberries– Strawberries have strong antiseptic properties, so that the reason that are used in most of the facial and face care products. It is helpful in preventing irritation of skin and healing the skin. It also closes the pores and thus no impurities can enter in the skin and results in worse infection. For preparing home remedy for razor burn, you have to take some strawberries and add a tablespoon of sour cream in it. Apply this resulting cream over the razor burns affected skin. Wash the area after 10 minutes. You will get a huge difference after application.

Petroleum Jelly– You can simply took some petroleum jelly and apply this over the razor burns area three times a day as it is one of the simplest home remedies for razor burns.

Comfrey Leaves– Take a tablespoon of dry comfrey leaves and add 1 tablespoon of calendula flowers along with ½ cup of witch hazel in it. Leave the mixture as it is for about 2 weeks. You can store it either in a plastic bottle or in a glass bottle. Use this whenever you have razor burn, it also stays for about 6 months. It is a wonderful home remedy for razor burns.

Use Proper Shaving Method– Using a proper shaving method is essential way to prevent razor burns. You have to shave the hairs in the direction of hair as shaving the opposite direction can result in burns.


Rose Water– Take ¼ cup of rose water and mix ¼ cup of stained witch hazel in it. Now add ¼ tablespoon of glycerin with about 5 drops of lavender essential oil and with same amount of sandalwood essential oil. Apply the mixture over the affected area. You can use this whenever having any kind of irritation. Also, you have to store the mixture in the cool place. Before using store the solution well.

Jojoba– You can try one thing as you can wash the face well before going to shave, otherwise you can also dip a cloth in warm water and wipe your face with that. Now, mixture the hot water and essential oil. Apply this many a times a day. You can also apply a thick layer of moisturizing oil either jojoba or avocado. It will not only heal the razor burns but before application of this also helps to avoid the condition.


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