Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream

Patanjali-Tejus-Beauty-Cream-bigPATANJALI TEJUS BEAUTY CREAM 50GM is a natural face beauty cream that has been prepared by the various natural herbal formulations that have been. The herbs are the naturally available nourishes always have been the natural curing agents for various body functionalities. The body functionalities control various body functions. The functionalities are the hidden monitoring system of the body that controls the whole body and its various systems.

PATANJALI TEJUS BEAUTY CREAM 50GM application son the skin and the face encourage us and tell us how to get a glowing face because of the herbal presentations that have been inside. The herbal presentations in the cream meant for the beautification of the face pass on the massage as to how to have beautiful skin. It’s understandable “If her skin is beautiful, then she will have glowing face”. And it’s possible by this beautification cream.


Some of the symptoms that could help in identifying the not so beautiful face are:

  • Eczema like contrition.
  • Dry itchy skin on the face.
  • Excessive dryness on the face and the skin.
  • Your face is expressing blackish tinge.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Your face is showing redness in color.

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Some of the causes which could be held responsible for the skin to be not having proper glow are:

  • If you stay too in the sun for longer periods as rays of the sun could darken your face.
  • Your hairs are dirty and dirty hair handing around your face could leave dust and dirt to enter the pores.
  • If your skin is too oily, then oils in your face skin could attract various dirty particles making the face to look dirty.
  • Excessive sun exposure.
  • Staying in the areas that are too hot.
  • Excessive sweating on the face.


The beauty cream specially prepared for the women of today gives utmost importance to her face. The face – the reflector of women’s personality gets the facelift by the application of the beauty cream. The beauty cream when applied to the face rejuvenates the face tissues and removes the internal deficiencies of the skin. The skin is always been a protective covering for the skin tissues and the skin glands and its connective tissues. The skin loses its glow when the cells that are responsible for maintaining the glow of the face and the skin become dead due to whatever reasons. PATANJALI TEJUS BEAUTY CREAM 50GM helps in inducing life the dead skin cells. And also if some of the dead skin cells which are beyond economical repairs could be replaced by the new skin cells which take the void space left open by the dead skin cells. And helps in restoring the glow of the skin. The dead skin cells causes the wrinkle formation on the face and the face cream fills the gaps in the skin which have been left open in the face and by filling the left open gaps, it gives birth to new skin cells that fills the open void spaces.


Ingredients of the cream are:


  • Manjishta
  • Kutaj
  • Daru haldi
  • Ghrit Kumari (Aloe vera)
  • Chandan (Santlum album)
  • Tulsi (Ocimum santlum)
  • Anantmool

Recommended Dose

Apply some 3-5 grams of the divya cream on the face and the affected skin areas and get the benefits to see your skin on the face smiling.

Directions for use

The cream could be massaged lightly on the face and the skin areas that are not showing good amount of glow. Massage the cream in circular motion and by applying very less pressure on the face while applying.

Diet recommendations

Some of the diets plans that could be include are:

  • Do not try to consume foods that are acidic in nature. These foods could be tomatoes, oranges and other foods that cause acidic like situation.
  • Avoid the foods that are excessively salty in nature. When preparing foods, add less salt in your food.
  • Do not take eatables that are excessively spicy as excessive spice ratios in the foods could put adverse affects on the face and the skin.
  • Take good amount of raw veggies in your daily diet intakes.
  • Chop fresh fruits to be taken as cleansers for the skin.
  • Take teas that are herbal in nature and make it regular.

Precautions to be observed

Certain precautions that could be helpful for the face and the skin are:

  • Wash your face immediately when you are back home from work. Work could your office if you are a working person or your study institution if you are a student.
  • Cover your face leaving your eyes open. Properly covering your face could help in keeping the impurities away from you.
  • Do not touch your dirty hands on your face as the dust and dirt particles which have been on your hands could be left on the face skin and the sweat could mix with dust and dirt making the dust and dirt to enter the pores of the skin making your face to look dirty.
  • Drink good amount of water as it could keep your stomach clear of the toxins.
  • Protect your face from the ill effects of harmful rays of the sun by wearing sunscreen. Sunscreens protect your face from these harmful rays.
  • Keep the soaps and detergents that could contain harsh chemicals away and try to these products to the minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How can I make sure this beauty cream will not put adverse affects on my skin?

The beauty cream has been prepared from the natural herbs that could not affect face and the skin.

Q2. Is this beauty skin free from any side effects?

This beauty cream is free from any side effects and is safe to be used.

Q3. What types of herbs have been used in the manufacture?

The herbs that have been used are totally natural herbs.


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