Patanjali Herbal Mehandi

Patanjali-Herbal-Mehandi-bigPatanjali Herbal Mehndi – 100gm- the most trusted produce available in the market is an herbal mehndi that colors the hairs and restores the natural pigment of the hair. Prepared by mixing various herbs, the Herbal Mehndi – 100gm helps in the restoration of the natural color to the hair and makes a person look younger than the normal age. The various herbs also condition the hair and the conditioner provides various nutrition values to the constituents to the hair. The coloring of the natural hair, Herbal Mehndi – 100gm- provides luster and shine to the hairs. Various hair color ideas could be applied by applying the mehndi in different ratios. Mehndi could be applied from strong to light and the color applied could be of various intensities.

Symptoms of Lost Hair Color

Some of the symptoms that could help in identifying the fact that hair coloring is needed are:

  • When the hairs have started appearing gray.
  • When pigment in the hairs have started decreasing.
  • Before turning white hair color first changes to golden color.
  • Hairs started looking dull in color.
  • There is no shine and luster in the hair.

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Causes of Lost Hair Color

Some of the causes which could identify the facts when hair coloring is needed are:

  • smoking
  • deficiency of vitamins
  • Disorders of the thyroid glands.
  • Hereditary causes.
  • Too much stress on the mind.
  • Use of chemical sprays for the beautification of the hairs.

Treatment offered by Patanjali Herbal Mehndi

The mehndi when applied to the hairs leaves a natural shine and color to the hairs. The produce is applied in an effective manner and the herbs present makes the hairs look fresh. The Herbal Mehndi – 100gm rejuvenates the natural pigment of the hairs and the reinforcement of the pigment could help in restoring the color and shine of the hairs. The Herbal Mehndi – 100gm treats the hairs in a very delicate manner and the delicacy offered helps in regularizing the blood flow from underneath the network of veins and the arteries inside the brain. The restoration of the blood provides fresh nourishment to the hair and provides food energizers for the hair to restore the lost color and shine.

Ingredients contained inside Herbal Mehndi – 100gm

Some of the ingredients contained in the mehndi are:

  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Heena
  • Neem
  • Tea Leaf
  • Indian Gentian
  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Indian Spikenard
  • Indian Pennywort

Recommended Usage

The herbal mehndi could be applied on the hair, then let the mehndi stay on the hair to dry out and wash wit clear water.

Direction for Use

Soak the mehndi for the night in a steel pot. Test the mehndi in a small portion of the hair for any side effects. If no side effects are found, apply the mehndi in whole of the hairs. Allow the mehndi to dry out, and then rinse with clean water.

Diet plans for lost hair color

Some of the diets that could be used for getting good hairs are:


  • Consumption of iron: the iron consumption is a very good source of vital nutrients for the hair. Consume food items that are a rich source of iron. Spinach is an easy example for iron as spinach contains rich source of iron and other vital nutrients. Iron when consumed gives a strong bonding to the hair, keeps them healthy and prevents them from damage.
  • Vitamin D: certain foods that are fortified contain vitamin D and this vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining the good health of your hair.
  • Water: our hair has an important water ratio as water is present in the hair in large quantities. So, water needs to be consumed daily and that also in good quantity so as to keep hair fresh and free from defects.
  • Let your hair enjoy green color: Green vegetables are a great source of energy boosters for the hair that keep the hair healthy.
  • Eggs are important: eggs are an important source of healthy energy providers in the form of iron, zinc, selenium and sulphur. These play an important role in maintaining the good health of hair.
  • Yoghurt: Yoghurt is another great source of energy booster for the hair and could be consumed in various forms.
  • Pulses: Pulses contain all important various nutrients for the body necessary to keep fit.

Precautions to the observed for gray hair

Some of the precautions that could be observed are:

  • While going out in the sun, cover your hair with a scarf or some type of other cloth and never ever allow the hair to be exposed to the direct rays of the sun.
  • If you are a swimmer, then cover your hair while in water as chlorine present in the water used for swimming could spoil your hair. After swim, use fresh and clean water to rinse off the chlorinated water from the hair.
  • Exposing the hairs to the harmful rays of the sun could spoil the hairs and hair could lose the shine and luster.
  • If using certain types of sprays on the hair, do not use sprayers in the night and not to allow the sprayers to leave overnight.
  • Do not expose hair to too much hot and humid atmosphere.
  • Take care of not taking too much stress on the mind as taking too much stress could make the hair to lose the pigment in the hair which could destroy the natural color of the hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1 is the mehndi safe to use for people of any age?

The medndi has been prepared by using the natural herbs and is free from any side effects. It does not at all spoil the hair and keeps the hair fit and fine.

Q2. What types of herbs have been used to prepare?

The herbs that are used in the preparation are the natural herbs.

Q3. How does the mehndi color my hair?

The henna used in the preparation leaves the color on the hair.


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