Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop

divya-drishti-bigPatanjali Drishti Eye Drop helps in improving the vision of a person. The Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop how to improve eyesight and in turn the concentration levels that could help us in going a long way which otherwise could have put adverse effects on the life. The natural cure for cataracts, this eye drops removes various types of eye diseases that could have hampered the normal vision.. This medicine improves the vision and brings it to the normal range which could otherwise have been in the eye range had the problems been not there.

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  • There is a sudden change in the number of the glasses you wear.
  • Extra glare in the eyes during the time of the day.
  • If you are driving at night, then there is a glare of headlights of the vehicles coming from the opposite side failing into your eyes.
  • There is a type of double image in your eyes. A single object in front of you pretending to be like two objects.
  • Colors may not be as bright as they should have been.


  • Some type of injury to the eye.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking and other tobacco products.
  • Diabetes is another cause of the cataract problem in the eyes.
  • Excessive obesity is also a major cause for the problems in the eyes.
  • The exposure of the eyes to the rays of the sun.

Treatment that is offered

The treatment that this eye drops offer to the eyes removes various types of sight and vision problems. The sight and vision are the main sources of life as it helps in having the glimpses of this colorful world. The glimpses that an eye see casts their rays into the eye thorough the lens of the eye and after passing through the lens falls on the retina. If there are any type of deformities in the eyes, the rays that enter the eyes does not fall properly on the lens that is in the eye. The irregular light falling on the lens gets blurred if there is any type of problem. The natural herbs that are in the form of eye drops treat various types of problems. The Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop when dropped inside the eye improves the blood circulation in the extra ordinary veins that runs at the back of the eyes. The improved circulation cleanses the eyes and gives the eyes a cooling effect that helps in getting the cleaning effect. It also soothes the eyes and gives extra ordinary nourishment. The eye drops removes types of diseases like cataract problems, glaucoma and various other diseases. It improves the eye vision and act as a washing agent for them and removes various types of diseases in the eyes and also improves the vision in the eyes and also cures the problem if there are any signs of glaucoma in the eyes.

Ingredients that are used in the manufacture:

The main ingredients that are used in the manufacture are as follows-:

  • Honey.
  • The CITRUS juice.
  • An extract of ginger.
  • A juice of white onion bulb( Alliums Cepa)

Recommended Dose

The recommended dose of the eye drops are dropping 1 drop of the eye drop s in the each of eye

Directions for use

Open the bottle and drop 1 drop of the eye drops in both the eyes. Keep your eyes closed for a couple of minutes to get the eyes refreshing against various eye problems.

Diet plans

The following could be the diet plans that need to be:

  • Make it a habit to include vegetables in your daily diet needs.
  • Foods that contain antioxidants including vitamin c and vitamin E could be included in the diet charts that are beneficial.
  • The foods that contain excess of sugar contents needs to be avoided.
  • Say that you will eat meals if items like potato, spinach, tomatoes or any other food that are rich in vitamin E and C and also Beta Carotene have been cooked.
  • Another articles that are rich in vitamin C such as orange (juice could also be taken); guava, lemon, papaya and other fruits could also be taken.
  • Mangoes, almonds, broccoli etc. and other vitamin E rich articles could be very beneficial


The precautions that needs to be taken care of in case of the eye problems could be the following-:

  • Keep your eyes free to the dust and dirt as these could be very irritating and allergic elements for the eyes.
  • Always keep your eyes clean if you are coming from outside. And to keep the eyes clean, give your eyes a fresh water rinse.
  • Use sun glasses while going out to keep away the harmful rays of the sun away.
  • Take precautions if you are alcoholic as alcohol could be harmful for the eyes.
  • Try to be careful if you smoke.
  • Stay hydrated and never allow water to drain out of your body.
  • Try to keep your eyes looking at your computer screen for too long.
  • Try not to be a T.V. addict as this extra addiction could be a source of eye problems.
  • If you are driving a two wheeler, drive it with protective glasses on the eyes.
  • Take your of your eyes and do not allow dirt to enter it.
  • Do not rub your eyes at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How onion and ginger help treating the problems of my eyes?

Onion and ginger has the qualities that give nourishment to the eyes and curing the problems.

Q2. Are there any side effects involved in suing this?

No, there are no side effects that are involved in using the eye drops.

Q3. What age group of people can use these eye drops?

These eye drops are beneficial to people of all ages.


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