Patanjali Badam Pak 500GM

badampak2-bigPATANJALI BADAM PAK – 500GM has been prepared from the benefits of almonds that have been entrusted with the task to provide strength and energy to various body parts. This product claims to be the formula that helps in Memory Improvement and the concentration of people. This is capable of injecting various types of nutrients that are in the form of nicely prepared combo of herbs and nutrients. The nutrients when injected helps to recover from the Loss of Energy This is the tonic which rejuvenates people from all walks of life from rich to poor and from young to old.

PATANJALI BADAM PAK -500GM provides energy boosters to the body, mixes the energy boosters in the blood and this mixture makes a smooth flow to every corner of the body and increase energy of a person. This natural tonic acts as a supplement that injects the fresh lease of life in the body and makes it ready for next round of works.

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Symptoms that could make out if your are feeling tired and does not have energy in the body could be:

  • Insomnia.
  • Loss of body strength to continue work.
  • Certain changes in the thyroid gland- could be low or hyper thyroid.
  • Constipation.
  • Excessive cold.
  • Increase in thirst.
  • If you are looking for some salty thing.
  • Headache.

Causes of the loss of energy

Some of the causes for the loss of energy could be:

  • Less of sleep: If you have less sleep than that is normally required, then it could cause fatigue and tiredness.
  • Exercise that could be responsible: The excess of exercise could be a major factor that could be held responsible for the loss of energy.
  • Anemia factor: Anemia is a major contributing factor that could be held responsible.
  • Some depression: Depression is another major cause that could be held responsible.
  • Some feverish feeling (fever): Fever is another reason that needs attention.
  • Certain changes in the appetite of a person.
  • Excessive weight gain.
  • Deficiency in the various nutrients in the body.

Treatment Patanjali Badam Pak

PATANJALI BADAM PAK -500GM is a useful energy provider that renews the whole body contracts that makes the body fresh so as to be able to work with more power. It revitalizes the loss of energy and makes the body active. It when consumed injects the various energy boosters that flow through the various passage ways in the whole body. The energy boosters mixes with the blood vessels and injects the real time natural fundamentals that helps to increase energy. The best part is that it also makes the brain fresh and free from all tensions. It helps in making the arteries free from any blockages and increases the blood flow. This tonic – BADAM PAK -500GM made from naturally available could be consumed easily as there are no complications involved. There are no side effects involved in using this. The natural ingredients that are used in the manufacture have always been beneficial for the body when these are consumed. The herbs that are used tones up the blood that flows in the whole of the body and energizes the body.


Some of the ingredients that are used in the manufacture of this are:


  • Gau Ghrit
  • Misri
  • Ela
  • Kesar
  • Vang Bhasma
  • Mishri
  • Badam
  • Dalchini Tejparta
  • Vidarikand Kawanch Beej
  • Javitri Trikatu
  • Safed Musli
  • Prawal Pisti
  • Tavkshiri
  • Jaiphal


The best is to take around 3 teaspoon along with milk three times every day.

Directions for use

Take three teaspoon full of this three times a day, but before having your food. This needs to be taken along with milk to get the best of benefits.

Recommended Diets

Some of the diets that could help are:

  • A treat of carbohydrates and protein: A good combination of carbohydrates and protein during the lunch time keeps the energy levels of the body high and helps to fight out the fatigue.
  • Drink good quantity of water as water consumption increases the metabolism of the body and induces the energy boosters in the body that otherwise were not in place.
  • Foods that are rich in iron content could be beneficial as iron content purifies the blood and make sit capable of carrying more oxygen to almost every corner of the body.
  • Do not take heavy meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead take a dose of snacks during the mid times along with light meals three times during the day.
  • Take foods that are rich in calories as increased calories tops up the blood vessels in the body and makes the body energy filled.
  • Consumption of spinach could be another good option.

Precautions that could be observed:

  • Try to be hydrated all the time and try not to allow the body water to dry out.
  • Look for some shady place if you are feeling tired as going out in the shade could help to restore the body energy.
  • Do not go in the sun for a longer time as sun could dry out essential body oils
  • Try to take slight mental rest after some hectic working.
  • Take good amount of sleep in the night as sleep tones up the brain cells and makes the body fresh.
  • If you are out for some journey, keep a bottle of water in your hand bag and drink a sip of water at regular intervals of time.
  • During driving, keep your face covered and try to keep sun at a distance from you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are the ingredients used in the manufacture free from any chemical sprays?

Yes, the ingredients that have been used are totally free from any chemical sprays and have been grown organically.

Q2. Are there any side effects involved in using this?

No, there are no side effects involved.

Q3. Does this herbal combination help me in fighting out the fatigue?

This herbal combination helps in fighting out the fatigue


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