Patanjali Amrit Rasayan

amritrasayan-bigPatanjali Amrit Rasayan – 1 kg is an excellent formation of the herbs in curing form. This rasayan treats various kinds of immune system disorders that could trouble a person. This Amrit Rasayan helps in boosting immune system by revitalizing the whole body system. It provides various energizers to the body that have been stored in the formulation.It boosts immunity thus helping person suffering to maintain his or her body in a proper manner. When consumed, the rasayan gives various types of benefits to the body and increase immune system.

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Some of the symptoms that could identify a bad immune system are-:

  • Excessive cold.
  • Headache in severe form.
  • Certain blood infections
  • Irregular sleep.
  • Loss of taste.


Some of the causes for weak immune systems are:

  • Frequent cold
  • Susceptibility to various infections.
  • Lack of proper sleep.
  • Bad diets intake
  • Certain exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • The use of alcohol
  • Smoking and tobacco products.

Treatment That is Offered

The treatment that is offered provides various chargers and energizers to the body, thus tanning up the body muscles. The tanning up process makes the muscles and the tissues and the whole bunch of combination of tissues and muscles strong enough so that it could withstand the infections in a fruitful manner. The rasayan also provide nourishments to the body and cleanses the passages that lead to various infections had there been certain irregularities in the functioning. It also provides various anti infection bacteria that fight the deformities. It tones up the whole body system and increases the blood flow through the veins and arteries that could fight the infections. The nourishers provided by the rasayan nourish the blood and provide it a new phase of functions that could increase the resistance.

Ingredients for This Rasayan

  • Brahmi
  • Pravala Pishti
  • Almond
  • Vamsha-locana
  • Cow’s ghee
  • Cinnamon
  • Shatavari
  • Paste of Amalaki


1-2 tea spoons of rasayan to be taken two times a day

Directions for Use

This could be taken early in the morning empty stomach along with milk or it could also be taken after breakfast with water. In the evening it could be taken with water or milk after dinner

Recommended Diets

The recommended diets that could help in treating the already suffering immune system could be a few of the following:


  • A cup of curd: A cup of curd could provide necessary energy boosters that boost the immune system. This treat has the necessary nutrients that have been inside the curd.
  • Why not try your luck with Garlic: Why not try hands on Garlic as Garlic is a nouirishers that removes any types of acids that are in the body. Garlic as a chemical formula neutralizes the acids that have been hindering the normal functioning of the whole internal system.
  • Ah some tea: The benefits of tea could be better for the immune system and tea that could be consumed could be even black tea, the benefits of black tea when consumed give befitting reply to the immune acids that play in the body. The best option is to drink 5 cups of tea for 2 weeks for better immune system.
  • Potatoes that are sweet (Sweet Potatoes): These could be another source that provides Vitamin A to the body which tightens the muscles and tissues that connects the whole area around the immuno system.
  • Play a Mushroom card: Mushrooms could create bacteria that kill the harmful acids that hinder the normal function of the whole system. Mushrooms could be prepared in variety of ways. I mean could be prepared along with the addition of various other vegetables and is a very good recipe upon good preparation. The taste of mushrooms when combined with the benefits it provides coule prove beneficial.
  • Liquid from beehive (Honey): Honey is another recommended food article which could benefit the immune system and give the nourishment to the whole area.
  • Good spicy food: Good spicy food could be another booster to the already faltering system.
  • Zinc filled foods: Eatables that are rich in zinc content could help in bad system of the immuno area.


The following precautions could be taken if the immune system is bad:

  • Reduce the quantity of stress: Reduce the quantity of stress in life as excess of stress could put adverse affects on the body.
  • Have a regular walk: A regular walk some miles every day could reduce the acids that have been in the body and spoiling the moods of a person.
  • Do not be an alcoholic: Take precautions to restrict the use of alcohol as alcohol does not get consumed in the body. Instead it accumulates in the body and plays spoilsport.
  • Do not be a smoker: Try to avoid the use of cigarettes and tobacco products as it blocks the air paths in the body leading to the immuno system.
  • Take adequate sleep: Take adequate sleep in the night. And to take this sleep, it’s advisable to have your dinner slightly early so as to give adequate time for the food to get digested. And while going to bed, try to make a habit of reading some novels and turn off the lights and make your room totally dark.
  • Make your attitude positive: Make your attitude positive and see that the whole world is behind you.{Keep your face towards the sun and shadows will fall behind you.
  • Drink enough of water and take precautions to not allow the water to drain out as the foods when not properly diluted develop the acid formations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are there any side effects involved?

No, there are no side effects involved.

Q2. Is cow’s ghee good for the body?

Cow’s ghee along with other constituents is totally safe for the body.

Q3. Is this rasayan safe for people from all walks of life?

This rasayan could be used by people from young to old.


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