Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe-Vera-Gel-bigPATANJALI ALOE VERA GEL -150ML has been prepared purely to extend the various benefits to the face. This face is always exposed to the various thrashings that are purely based on based on the impurities that are in the air. The dust and dirt particles in the air get accumulated on the face as the face is always exposed .Rest of the body other than face is always covered by the clothes that we wear and the clothes protect the body against flying debris. But, not in the case of face. And our face shows glimpses of blackish tinge. And this gel cleanses the face. PATANJALI ALOE VERA GEL -150ML is a pure aloe vera gel for face that removes any types of impurities that are preventing the face to look cleaner and beautiful.

It enhances the natural beauty of the skin and restores its lost glory. The benefits of aloe vera gel are not new to us as even in the ancient times, the natural extracts were used to enhance the natural glory though the method of preparation may be different.

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Some of the symptoms that could identify are:

  • Excessive acne and pimples on the face.
  • Your face looks too sweaty.
  • There is a blackish color tinge on the face.
  • Oiliness on the face and the skin.
  • Excessive feeling of tiredness.


Some of the causes for the dirty face are:

  • If there is too much sweat on the face.
  • When your skin is too oily.
  • Alcohol could play spoilsport.
  • Over active sweat glands.
  • Obesity.
  • Certain feeling of having fever.


This PATANJALI ALOE VERA GEL -150ML treats the human skin and especially the face in a natural way. It made from variety of natural extracts when applied to the face cleanses the skin by leaving the herbal elements on the body. The natural oils that are present inside cleanse the skin and remove all traces of the dust particles by dissolving them inside. The dissolving process as it progresses continues till the last surviving dust particle. And as the process progresses, it leaves a fair and brighter face has been prepared purely to extend the various benefits to the face. The gel removes the traces of oil (produced by various enzymes present inside the body). The ratio and extent of oil on the face could vary from person to person as the enzymes generating cells vary from person to person. More active the body cells are the more oil it produces. And then more dirty is the face. This gel removes any traces of oil from the face which could be a natural attraction for the dust and dirt particles. The good thing is that the gel when massaged over the face and the body removes all traces of the dirty picture and relinquishes the whole body systems making the person to feel fresh over time.


  • Aloe Vera to treat.
  • Base Material into which various properties of aloe vera merge to form a strong bond
  • Permitted Colors that gives certain colors to the gel. Some of the colors are Yellow, blue and sources of vitamin E to give the gel a property that it provides various energy sources to the skin and the face.
  • Fragrance to give some excellent fragrances to the gel.
  • Preservatives so that it should not decompose.

Recommended dose

The recommendation which could be better for the face and the skin is to take some gel and rub it over the face to clean the face and remove any impurities from the face.

Directions for use

The gel could be taken on hands and rubbed in both the hands. When gel spreads evenly on both the hands, then rub it evenly over the face.

Diet recommendations

The diet plans that could help are:


  • Drink plenty of water as drinking water.
  • The consumption of eatables that are rich in vitamin B could mobilize the metabolism rate of the body.
  • Take food items that are rich in water contents as these items could help in providing the water content of the body.
  • Taking watermelon is a very good source of water as it is full of included water and taking some pieces of it could rectify the deficiency of water to some extent.
  • Take fruits and veggies to good extent as these are full of various nutrients and could boost the body functions.


Little precautions that could prevent your skin and face from looking dirty are:

  • It’s better to always wash your hands if you have come back home from work or your educational institute.
  • Try to use a protective covering on your face and keep your face covered if you are driving a two wheeler as excessive sun could cause over sweating and make face look dirty.
  • Wear cotton clothes in excessive summer months.
  • Wear light color clothes in summer.
  • Be a lover of water as water lovers could take bath as many times as they want in summer months. Taking bath regularly may be for two or three times a day removes sweat and dust from the body.
  • Ladies – do not use synthetic undergarments as it cause skin sweating and result in dirtness.
  • The need to stay hydrated should be put at first priority.
  • Do not wipe of the face with dirty hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is the gel safe to use and free from any side effects?

Yes, the gel is totally safe to use and does not contain any side effects.

Q2. What types of preservatives have been used?

The preservatives that have been are organic preservatives and have been safe to use on the body.

Q3. The fragrances that have been used must be totally safe. Are these safe for the body?

The fragrances that have been used are not toxic for the body and recommended to be used on the body.


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