Package of Medicines For Cancer

SWRD014-bigBuy now hereThis package of natural remedies for cancer helps to boost up immune system and gives relief from signs and symptoms. All the ingredients in this package are herbal remedies for cancer and help to prevent further progression of cancerous cells to other parts. There is no cure for cancer but cancer alternative medicine can help to prevent side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. All the remedies in this package are natural and do not produce any side effects. This package is indicated for all types of cancerous cells.

It consists of all natural remedies for cancer and helps naturally to reduce the signs and symptoms associated with cancer. It may be taken along with other medicines as these cancer alternative medicines do not interact with other cancer remedies.

Package Ingredients

  • Divya kaya-kalp kwatha 100gm
  • Divya sarva-kalpa kwatha 200 gm
  • Divya sanjivani vati 20 gm
  • Divya sila sindura 3 gm
  • Divya tamra bhasma 1 gm
  • Divya giloy sat 10 gm
  • Divya abhraica bhasma 5 gm
  • Divya svarna basanta malati 3 gm
  • Divya mukta pisti 4 gm
  • Divya pravala panchamrita 5 gm
  • Divya heerak bhasm 300 mg
  • Divya kanchanar guggulu 40 gm
  • Divya vriddhivadhika vati 40 gm

Mode of Administration:

Medicine No.1,2 – Mix all these herbal medicines together boil one teaspoon (5gm) with 400 ml of water till 100 ml remains, strain it out and take before breakfast & dinner.

Medicine No.3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 – Mix all these medicines together , divide into 90 parts and take each part one hour before breakfast , lunch and dinner with hot water or honey .

Medicine No.12,13 – 2-2 Tabs. to be taken from each after breakfast or lunch and dinner with hot milk / water.


This package of medicines for cancer is indicated for all types of cancers. It is indicated for cancer of any part of the body. It is also indicated to stop the side effects produced by conventional remedies used for cancer. It is also indicated for people who become weak due to intake of other cancer remedies. All the herbal remedies in this package help to boost up the immunity and provide energy to body cells for optimum functioning. This package is a very good herbal product for reducing pain and other signs and symptoms associated with cancer. It prolongs life of people suffering from cancer as it boosts up the immunity and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. It increases the strength of muscles and body cells by providing essential nutrients to body cells. People who are prone of developing cancer cells may take this package to prevent development of cancer. This package is a very good for women who are susceptible of developing cervical and breast cancer. All the cancer alternative medicines in this package are natural and produce excellent results when taken regularly.


The most important advantage of this package of medicines for cancer is that all the remedies are herbal remedies which are absolutely safe and natural. These natural remedies are well known to produce a beneficial effect on cancerous cells in any part of the body to stop their growth and metastasis to other parts of the body. The herbal remedies for cancer used in this package are traditionally believed to stop the progression of cancer and antidotes the harmful effects produced by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This package is useful for all types of cancerous cells developing anywhere in the body. It may be taken for a long time regularly along with other cancer medicines as it does not produce any adverse effects as well as it does not contraindicate with other cancer remedies. Another important advantage of this package is that it consists of natural herbs that provide nutrition to cells and helps in the formation of normal cells. People with cancer have to take chemotherapy which produces a lot of side effects but if this package is taken along with chemotherapy it helps to reduce the side effects produced by chemotherapy.


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