Multiple Sclerosis

webmd_rmMultiple sclerosis is a terrible disease with few treatment options other than hope. Often strikes at a young age and leaves the affected can not fend for themselves when they should be in the prime of their lives. Named after the “appearance of ossification of the outer layer of fat in the spinal cord, the myelin sheath, as seen in medical examinations.

When diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, changing your diet can go a long way in managing their symptoms. The changes will not always be easy, but studies have shown that people who try to lead a healthier life often show no signs of worsening symptoms or further deterioration of the condition compared to people who do not change their eating habits.


Package for Multiple Sclerosis

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Package Ingrediants

  1. Divya Ekangaveer Rasa 10 gm
  2. Divya Mahavata Vidhvamsana Rasa 10 gm
  3. Divya Praval Pishti 10 gm
  4. Divya Amrita Sat 10 gm
  5. Divya Brihad Vata Chintamani Rasa 2 gm
  6. Divya Ashwagandha Churna 100 gm

Mode of Administration

Medicine No.1,2,3,4,5 – Mix all these five medicines together, divide into 60 parts & take each twice a day (in the morning & evening) on empty stomach, with honey.

Medicine No.6 – Take twice on empty stomach (in the morning & evening) with milk.

Dosage : 1 Month

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis

It would be virtually impossible to write anything but a book in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, because there are so many. The reason for this is because the disease can produce either a range of symptoms from blurred vision to complete paralysis. Symptoms are treated as they occur. This article will cover some of the most common treatments for this disease.

No specific cause for multiple sclerosis to care. But most studies and research say it is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the human immune system mistakenly attacks the myelin tissue in the central nervous system. But still there are no reports yet clear why the abnormal immune system acts only in patients with MS. There are high chances of inheriting the genes of MS parents also.


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