IH_02-bigWhen the opening of the esophagus, also called diaphragmatic hiatus becomes weak, the upper stomach is allowed to drive and reach the chest cavity. This type of condition called hiatal hernia and can live with it for long if diet and lifestyle is controlled and not on possible complications such as gastroesophageal reflux disease occur.

A hiatal hernia occurs more often in overweight, heavy lifter, and the elderly. What can be so annoying are the symptoms including heartburn, abdominal pain and nausea. Tea has worked for some people to alleviate the symptom, which might want to try.

Package for Hernia

Producted by: ( Divya Pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji )

1 Pack $64.50 Free,Trackable

  1. Divya Trikatu Churna 25 gm
  2. Divya Pravala Pishti 10 gm
  3. Divya Godanti Bhasma 10 gm
  4. Divya sarva-kalpa Kvatha 300 gm
  5. Divya Vriddhivadika Vati 40 gm
  6. Divya kanchanar Guggulu 40 gm

Mode of Administration

Medicine No.1,2,3 – Mix all these medicines together, divide into 60 parts, take each of them twice on empty stomach, one hour before breakfast & dinner with honey/hot water.

Medicine No.4 – Boil one teaspoonful (5 gm) of this medicine with 400 ml. of water till 100 ml. remains, strain it out & take twice on empty stomach in the morning & evening.

Medicine No.5,6 – 2-2 tab. from each twice a day, take after breakfast & dinner with hot water.

Dosage : 1 Month

Causes of Hiatus Hernia

Hiatus hernia is a condition usually diagnosed in later stages, due to lack of symptoms and initial symptoms very assembling to other digestive diseases. A hiatal hernia is more common in people 55 years and more but can theoretically occur at any age. It is caused by a weakening of the interruption of diaphragm (opening of the esophagus) which allows the upper stomach to turn into the chest cavity. This condition is known as a hiatal hernia and is responsible for the occurrence of gastric reflux.

Hernia usually involves penetration of the internal organs through the protective muscle walls that surround them. Depending on the organs involved in causing the disorder may be different types of hernia. A hiatal hernia is a common type of hernia that occurs when you press against the stomach wall of the esophageal hiatus, an opening in the diaphragm.


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