Chronic Renal Failure – 1 month Dosage

SWRD014-bigPackage for chronic renal failure is a unique formulation prepared by Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev that is known to produce excellent results in chronic renal failure. It is a wonderful herbal formulation and is found to be most effective in renal failure and is indicated for all urinary tract infections. This package is made up of natural herbs and is safe and effective and do not cause any side effects.

The different products included in this package helps in relieving pain while urinating, benign prostate enlargement, suppression of the urination, stones in the urinary tract, infection caused by the stones, syphilis, gonorrhea etc. It gives immediate relief in all signs and symptoms associated with urinary tract infection. It gives relief in treating the inflammation of the lining of the urinary tract organs. It reduces the pain, itching, swelling and redness of the affected parts.

The products help in reducing and eliminating all the signs and symptoms associated with urinary tract. It is also a very good product recommended for urinary stones. It helps in the elimination of the stones from the urinary tract in a natural way and helps to reduce the symptoms associated with presence of stones in any part of the urinary system.
There are a lot of people all over the world suffering from chronic renal failure. A large number of medicines and antibiotics are prescribed to give relief from the signs and symptoms but there is no permanent relief. It gives permanent solution to all the urinary organ diseases. It reduces the pain and inflammation of the organs very quickly and also help you to get rid of dialysis.

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Package Ingrediants

  1. Divya Vrkka Dosa-Hara Kvatha 200 gm.
  2. Amrta / Giloy Satva / Gulvel Satva 10 gm.
  3. Divya Basanta Kusumakara Rasa 1 gm.
  4. Divya Hajarula Yahuda Bhasma 10 gm.
  5. Divya Punarnavadi Mandura 10 gm.
  6. Divya Chardra Prabha Vati 40 gm.
  7. Divya Goksuradi Guggulu 40 gm.

Mode of Administration

Use as directed by physician.

Dosage : 1 Month

This package is for one month. All the instructions about the dosage and method of administration of the products is given along with the package.

This package is a well known combination of Ayurvedic products that is mainly prepared to fight against the infection in the urinary tract, and it gives very good results without producing any side effects. It helps to build up a strong immunity against recurrent infections of the urinary tract. This package is a blend of special ayurvedic medicines and helps a person with chronic renal failure to get rid of all signs and symptoms forever.

It is also a recommended product for frequent urination at night in people suffering from diabetes. It helps to prevent urinary infection in people with diabetes. All the products in this package are natural herbal producst that are safe and effective. It is indicated for all types of urinary disorders and also for seminal disorders in men. So, you do not have to depend upon for antibiotic treatment for your urinary tract infection forever, but by using this herbal product you can get rid of your problem forever. By regular use of this package you can get rid of your dialysis.


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