migraineMigraine is severe headache accompanied by mild body pain, vomiting and dizziness. When the blood vessels in the brain contract or expand due to improper nerve activity, an acute pain is felt on one side of head. Migraine is the result of excessive tension and stress on mind.

Another cause of migraine is hormonal changes. It generally happens more in women rather than men. At the time of menopause, hormones fluctuate and estrogen level goes low. This becomes the cause of migraine. In early stages of pregnancy, some women suffer migraines due to hormonal changes in the body. Excessive use of certain drugs, lower blood sugar level and allergic infections are few causes of migraine.

Some medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin work good in relieving from pain. But migraine pain is more severe than normal headache pain. Moreover excessive use of medicines might have side effects. Some home remedies can help in relieving migraine pain and have no side effects also.

Following are some Home Remedies for Migraine –

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy is very useful in relieving from migraine pain. Use of aroma depends on your choice. You might use lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and sandlewood oil for massage. Soaps or candles are even good options. Take 5 drops of oil and add to a bowl of water. Soak the cloth strip in it and put this strip on your forehead for 2 minutes. Close your eyes and take deep breathe. Keep changing the strips. Do this for 15-20 minutes. You will get instant relief.

Use of Primrose oil – Primrose oil is very effective in migraine. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil prevent the blood vessels from squeezing.

Exercise – Regular exercise is very useful in treating all kinds of problems. Even mild exercise during pain can help in reducing it. Make walking and exercising a regular habit. Walk at least half an hour daily. A brisk walk during pain helps so much.

Multivitamin and Minerals –Additional supplements of Multivitamin and minerals are necessary to maintain the nutrition level in body.

Use of Grapes – Ripe grapes are very useful in relieving from migraine pain. Grind some grapes and have them two times daily. It is a simple and effective home remedy for migraine.

Use of Garlic –Use garlic regularly. Add it in your diet as it is a potent detoxifier. It is an effective home remedy for migraine.

Vitamin C –Include Vitamin C rich fruit to your diet because it produces anti stress adrenal hormones in the body. It also increases immunity level of body.

Use of herbs – Some herbs like cordyceps help in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps the patient to get a sound sleep by relieving from migraine.

Use of Lemon crusts – It is a very effective and powerful home remedy to cure migraine. Take lemon crust and grind them properly. Apply this paste on your forehead for 15-20 minutes. You will yourself feel relieved in first few minutes.


Use of Feverfew – Feverfew is a herbal medicine that reduces the severe pain of migraine. But pregnant women should not use this.

Use of Kava -Kava is a very simple and effective home remedy in treating migraine. Take a dose of 180 mg once in a day for three days. It relaxes the person and gives him comfort. When the patient is relieved, he can sleep properly. But do not take excessive dosage as it can harm your liver.

Massage – Massage is a great healer. Massage your head with some oil. It will give you instant relief. Massage the forehead using fingers and thumb. Put pressure on specific areas where you feeling more pain.

Cold Compression – You can use cold pack to get relief from migraine pain. Avoid extremes because it can harm you too.


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