menopauseThis is a not a disease but a new phase in woman’s life. The ovulations cease and in result the menstruation cycle also stops. 50-51 is the average age of women’s menopause but it can happen later or earlier. The primary symptoms of menopause include night sweats, hot flushes, insomnia, tension, no desire for intercourse, vaginal dryness, bad temper, headaches, joint aches and Palpitations etc. It causes the shortage of estrogen which in result adds to developing cardiovascular problems, tooth decay, many types of vaginal complications, heart disease and osteoporosis.

There are few types of menopause. The one taking place before 45 years of age is known as early menopause and the one before 40 years of age is called premature menopause. The stage which starts from the beginning of symptoms of menopause to the post-menopause is called peri-menopause. Post-menopause is the time period in the between the last period till now and is derived as further 12 months without periods in the individual having intact ovaries or following surgery immediately if the removal of the ovaries has taken place.

There are few home remedies by which the menopausal disorders can be avoided. These are as follows.

Nutrients – Due to ovarian hormones lacking during menopause there is a certain deficiency of calcium. So it is very important to have calcium intake more and more. Vitamin D is an important supplement for calcium assimilation. There is a need of 1000 units’ natural vitamin D, 500 mg magnesium and 2 gm of calcium on a daily basis when the woman is facing troubling symptoms. This can be obtained by 1 liter of milk. One of the good home remedies for menopause.

Beet Juices – This is a very important and effective remedy in menopausal disorders. It can be taken 3 times in a day in small portions equivalent to 60 ml to 90 ml. It is kind of a permanent support for the menopause disorders in comparison to the effect of synthetic hormones and drugs which is degenerative. One of the best home remedy for menopause.

Carrot Seeds – This also is a very effective way of reducing menopausal disorders and tension. This should be consumed by boiling a tea spoon of seeds in a half liter of cow’s milk for around 10 minutes. This should be consumed daily.

Liqourice – This contain the estrogen, female hormone, and to some extent equalizes the diminished hormones. This is in the form of a powder and should be consumed as one teaspoon on a daily basis. This is a very effective and useful way to cure menopause disorder.

Spikenard – This is a famous Indian herb and is a important and useful remedy for problems because of menopause. A 2 gm of daily dose should be taken in order to have the best effect. It boosts the tranquility of the mind and soothes the nervous system. One of the effective home remedies for menopause.


Fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables – There should be proper and healthy diet consumption. It should be emphasized on foods enriched with vitamin E which can be easily achieved by consuming fruits. Apart from these the diet should include nuts, vegetables, seeds and grains. Sprouted and raw nuts and seeds, non pasteurized good quality milk and homemade cottage cheese are also very helpful and considered good in diet. A good amount of fresh fruit juices and seasonal vegetables should be consumed. These are very natural and effective way of curing menopause disorders.

Avoidance of processed, denatured and refined food – The refined and processed food should be avoided for the better cure of menopausal disorders.

Exercises – There should be quality time spent on exercises. These include walking, swimming, jogging and cycling etc. These are very natural way to diminish menopause and also is very good for health.

Stay away from emotional and mental disorders – Try to avoid taking any emotional or mental stress. Take good and routine amount of sleep.


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