Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Shampoo

Kesh-Kanti-Hair-bigHair-the pride for all. It is a matter of discussion among the youth. Hairs are long thread like structures that are deep rooted into the scalp. And it is a thick bunch of the thread like structures that give the shape of a thick and long hair. But due to certain changes in the hormonal ratios in the body, hair gets loose from the roots resulting in their fall. Patanjali Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Shampoo prepared from special herbs arrests the hair fall and provide various nutrients to the body that make hair grow faster. It also contains various healing capabilities and tells us how to keep your hair healthy. The shampoo when applied makes the way to improve hair growth. Made from herbs found available to benefit the body in one form or the other, the shampoo provides the valuable multi- nutrient values to the hair and help in arresting the fall which otherwise could gave resulted in the increase in the scalp area visible to the naked eye.

Symptoms of Hair Fall

Some of the symptoms that could help to identify the excess of hair fall are:

  1. The increasing area of the baldness.
  2. The hair strands are becoming thin.
  3. When hairs are roped in to form a pony tail, the appearance of the pony tail is thin.
  4. More area of the scalp is visible.
  5. When hairs are combed, more hairs are rooted out of the scalp with the comb.

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Causes of hair fall

Some of the causes that could help to identify the excess of hair fall are:

  1. Excessive stress.
  2. Tightly tying the hair.
  3. Poor diet intake
  4. Thyroid diseases
  5. Ringworm type formation
  6. Sudden loss of weight of the body.

Treatment offered by Patanjali Hair Cleanser Shampoo

Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Shampoo – the super combination of natural herbs is a very effective to arrest the hair fall. The shampoo is applied in a very gentle and polite way. It is massaged over the affected portion of the head. Te gentle massage when done while the hairs are being washed provides various nutrients to the scalp. It encourages the blood cells that are inactive due to various external reasons. The activation provides blood to the dead blood cells which reactivates the blood flow through the damaged blood vessels. The shampoo is a very good product that has rejuvenating properties good for hair growth. Prepared from the natural herbs, it energizes the entire skull and the hidden membranes that contain various veins and arteries. The shampoo when used has the ability that retains the original qualities of the hair. The shampoo normalizes the flow of the blood underneath and strengthens the roots. Made from the amla ( amla has always been used since ages to provide strength to the hair. Even in the previous centuries, it was extensively used as the first priority). And above all reetha just like amla provides the much required strength to the hair.

Key Ingredients of the Kesh Kanti Shampoo:

Some of the main ingredients are -:

  1. Henna.
  2. Reetha.
  3. Amla.
  4. Bacuchi,
  5. Bhringraja.
  6. Tagar.
  7. Neem.
  8. Shikakai.
  9. Jatamansi.
  10. Giloy.
  11. Haldi.
  12. Aloe Vera

Recommended dose Hair Cleanser Shampoo

The recommended dose is to take some shampoo in the palm, rub it over the wet hair and then wash it off with clean water

Directions to use

First, wet your hair with hair, make sure that every strand of your hair is wet with water, and then take some shampoo on your palm, spread it over evenly, then rub the whole palm over your wet hair. Rub it over and ensure that it forms a foam layer over the hair, the more the foam, and the more the impurities to come out. Then wash out the whole colored foam with clear fresh water and ensure that there are no traces of shampoo inside.

Diet Recommendations

Some of the recommended diets in case of falling hair are:

Woman with smooth hair. High quality image.

  1. Take food items that contain protein as protein contain hair fall arrestors that arrests the fall of hair
  2. Food items that are a rich source of iron could be taken without any fears in mind as iron makes a strong bond with the body that arrests the hair fall and help them grow naturally.
  3. Items that are rich in vitamin C are most suited for the good health of the hair.
  4. Things that contain omega3 fatty acids could be taken.
  5. Copper is another natural nutrient for the hair
  6. Juice taken out of fresh carrot could prevent hair fall and so advisable to be consumed.


  1. Take precautions to keep your weight under control.
  2. Females must be careful while trying the hair as excessive tightening of the head could make the hairs to lose their roots from the scalp and come off the head.
  3. Be careful to use swimming cap while swimming as pool water contains chlorine gas which could make your hair lose.
  4. Alcohol must be kept away from life.
  5. Be careful to have a regular massage of your hair with the help of lukewarm coconut oil.
  6. Reduce the levels of stress from the brain.
  7. Keep your hair clean all the time as dirty hair could come off the scalp while combing.
  8. It is not advisable to comb the wet hair because the roots of wet hair are loose and come off while combing the wet hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How much time it could take for my hair to stop from falling?

There is no set time for this. It all depends upon the extent of damage.

Q2. Are there any side effects in using the shampoo?

No, the shampoo is totally free from any side effects.

Q3. What age group of people can use this?

People of all ages can use the shampoo.


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