insomnia_2Insomnia refers to the inability of a human body to sleep. Basically, it refers to the disorder in sleep. The person suffering from insomnia may not be able to sleep, wake up early and other combinations. Insomnia is experienced by almost everyone is their lifetime but it is mostly seen in people of urban people.

Some of the home remedies for treating insomnia are listed below:

Milk is one of the best home remedies for Insomnia. Drink a glass of milk with a tablespoon of honey every night before hitting the bed. You can also massage the soles of the feet with milk.

Sesame Oil is very effective for Insomnia. Massaging the sole of feet with sesame oil helps in treating insomnia.

Curd: Take curd everyday for curing insomnia. This is a natural home remedy.

Honey: Drink a glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of honey in it. Take it before sleeping. Babies should be given half the quantity of it. This is a good home remedy to cure insomnia.

Aniseed: It is very helpful in insomnia. Prepare a tea of it by taking a teaspoon of aniseed and mixing it in 375ml of water. Put this in a vessel and cover it with a lid. Allow it to simmer for some time say 15 minutes. You can sweeten this with honey and milk. Take this before sleeping.

Take lemon balm tea as it soothes stomach. Mix two to four teaspoons of dried herb with a cup of boiling water to make the tea.

Make sure your mattress is comfortable or go for a change.

Take fenugreek leaves juice mixed with honey before going to bed.

Kava is also an effective remedy for insomnia as it reduces stress, tension, anxiety. By this you can sleep sound.

Different types of teas like catnip, lady’s slipper root, birch leaf, hawthorn , passion flower can do wonders.

However intake of caffeine is harmful.

Strict to a regular routine of sleeping hours.

Have a bath with basil leaves mixed in water. This will help in treating insomnia.

Another good home remedy for curing insomnia is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits like banana.

Avoid eating oily food in night else it will trouble you in night.

Avoid taking products made of sugar, salt. Also avoid chocolates.

Mix cumin seed powder made from dry cumin seeds with ripe banana pulp as an effective home remedy for insomnia.

Mix cumin seed

Excess intake of alcohol and smoking may increase the problem. So try not to smoke and drink.

Mix equal quantities of sesame oil and bottle gourd and rub this mixture on your scalp so that you have a sound sleep. This is another way to cure insomnia.

Consume low salt products as this can be very good in reducing the problem.

Another way to cure insomnia is to meditate and indulge in stress eliminating hobbies. Spend quality time in cultivating the hobby.

Make a schedule for exercising regularly. Do mild exercises before you retire at bed. This can make a change.

Having sex at night also helps in having a good sleep.

Take some leaves of Indian sorrel. Make the juice of it and mix with its oil by taking equal quantities of both. Use this mixture to massage the scalp before sleeping. This helps in cooling the brain and thus inducing sleep.

A valuable medicine for treating insomnia is rauwolfia. This is because the herb acts a sedative. First dose of this herb will make the person sleep. Take some quantity of powder of this herb say 0.2 to 0.5gm. Mix it with fragrant substance like cardamom and serve it to the patient. He will have a sound sleep. If the disease is severe, then patient can take this medicine two times a day. One of the effective home remedies for insomnia.

Another good herb that soothes the body is Celery. Take this herb before retiring and you will sleep soundly.


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