Herbal-Amla-Candy-bigAmla Chatpata Candy– 500 gm – the most compatible formula that has been prepared to cure the various disorders that are hampering the proper functioning of the body’s immune system. Immune system is the main system in our body system, the proper working of which is responsible for other related systems to work properly.

This Amla Chatpata-500 gm contains the most beneficial herbs for immune system, the benefits of which removes various types of toxins that develop inside the body which hinders the body to function properly and which could at last lead to various other related diseases. The combination of herbs dissolves any and all types of chemicals that alter the body functions to finally give a healthy immune system.

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  • Excessive cold
  • Unprecedented changes in the weight leading to weight gain or weight loss
  • There has been some unprecedented changes in the pattern of the skin


The causes which could be held responsible for the immune system to go bad are a few of the following

Smoking: Smoking could be a major cause of worry for the immune system to go bad as smoke coming out of the cigarettes gets collected in our air ways that directs the flow of breathing air into our lungs. Smoke accumulates and restricts the normal flow of air thus leading to the problem.

Lack of proper sleep: Lack of proper and peaceful sleep could lead to various visits to a doctor as sleep when hindered does not make the body muscles to tone up for the next day’s work and could lead to various types of complications in some form or the other.

If you are allergic to certain types of food, then you could certainly attract certain infections which could pose some harm to your immune system.

If you are an alcoholic, then there is greater risk that your whole body could go wrong and put you at a greater risk of losing the life.

Treatment that is offered

Amla Chatpata – 500 gm- with great herbs inside gives the related treatment that treats various immune disorders and gives the intestines enough strength that could withstand enough pressure of the diseases and the disorders that develops inside the body due to the combination of various factors. This medicine that is having a tongue licking chatpata taste as the name suggests acts as a remedial factor when consumed. The remedial factor acts on the nerves and the adjoining system to give the necessary strength. The strength that is required makes the muscles tougher and tougher and gives it the resistance to fight the external forces that could make the system vulnerable to defects. The strength that the whole bunch of nerves and the muscles get gives it strength to fight various diseases.

Ingredients contained inside


  • Amla
  • Sugar
  • Kala namak
  • Dhaniya
  • Kali mirch
  • Mulethi
  • Laung

Recommended dose for this chatpata taste

6-8 grams of this could be taken two times a day

Directions for use

Take this chatpata two times daily and the best is to take 6-8 grams of this for getting good benefits.

Recommended diets

The recommended dose for this benefit could lend befitting cures in case of various immune system disorders. The following could be practiced for the better and disease free life:

The Protein factor: There is a great relationship between the immune system and the intake of the proteins as proteins gives necessary amino acids to the intestinal areas that strengthen the whole bunch of the immune network and its related systems. The amino acids provide nutrients and the strengtheners that bind the whole bundle of minute capillary tubes that carries various disease resistance substances around the body.

The consumption of beneficial Vitamins: The beneficial Vitamins “I would call the Vitamins as beneficial Vitamins they have always been a great source of anti-disease bacteria” provide the nerve strengthening forces to the whole bundle of area that have gone weak due to various contributing reasons.

Minerals too good: A great dose of minerals are too good to be consumed. The minerals that could be consumed are of variety of colors that are available in different vegetables and fruits. Different minerals that could benefit and make the whole system of immune strong include zinc, copper, iron. Minerals line manganese provides the necessary strengthening matter and the use of selenium is of great benefits. There are variety of fruits and vegetables that could provide various minerals that benefits.

Precautions that could be observed

There are certain precautions that could benefit if the immune system is too weak

  • Smoking should be avoided: Smoking needs to be avoided as it restricts the air ducts in the body that leads air flow to the body making the body prone to diseases.
  • The need of killer Alcohol: Alcohol has always been a great source of variety of varying diseases that engulfs the body at some time or the other.
  • Take precautions while taking rest: Take adequate rest as it rejuvenates the whole body system making it fresh for the next phase of work schedules. The best way to tone up the body through rest is to take proper sleep after the hectic work schedules.
  • Take adequate water to keep the whole system clean and clear of the toxins.
  • Take adequate supply of nourished foods and take precautions while selecting the foods that need to be taken for the proper functioning of the whole body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is this chatpata safe to consume?

Yes, this is totally safe to consume for getting good benefits.

Q2. Are there any side effects involved?

No, there are no side effects that are involved.

Q3. What types of herbs have been used in the manufacture?

Amla has been the main contributing factor that has been used in the manufacture and along with amla, there have been other ingredients that have befitting qualities for the body.


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