heartburnYou can use pharmaceutical drugs as well as home treatment for heartburn. Using home remedies does not mean that medical drugs are a bad choice or treatment. The only purpose is to have multiple options available for treating heartburn.

Following are some home remedies for heartburn

Antacids help in cooling the burn. They are available in liquid as well as tablet form. Dosage of antacids should not be more than 3 times a day because it can cause diarrhea or constipation. It best works at bedtime. So if you are planning to take only one dose then prefer taking that at bedtime instead of daytime. Also heartburn at night is more dangerous than daytime due to grouping of stomach acids.

Take a glass of water and add 5gm Sandal to it. Mix well and boil till 15 minutes. For instant relief, have decoction of sandal three times daily. One of the proven home remedies for heartburn.

Take a cup of cold water and add sugar to it. Drink this water to get instant relief from heartburn.

Coconut water and fruit pulp of coconut works well on gastric irritation. Take this to deal with heartburn.

Add 15gm of ghee to rice. Have this daily to prevent heartburn.

Take fresh juice of Emblica officinalis (known as Amlaki- botanically)and add some sugar (for taste) to it. Drink it on empty stomach for amazingly better results.

Vinegar is well known home remedy for heartburn. Take ½ teaspoon of vinegar when you feel heartburn.

Take Ginger powder, hing, black pepper, anise seeds, cumin, fenel, coriander seeds and common salt in equal amount. Mix these and have 2 times daily to fight against heartburn.

By elevating the head of the bed, you can protect your esophagus. Sleeping in this position helps in keeping the stomach contents in their relevant position.

A quick and well known home remedy for heartburn is chilled milk. Take a glass of chilled milk, when you experience heartburn.

Don’t lie down immediately after having a meal. It invites many troubles. Have your meals at least an hour before going to bed. Stay upright during this time.

Chew your food properly.

Always avoid snacks during bedtime.

Another proven remedy for heartburn is chewing gum. Whenever you experience heartburn, chew a gum for at least 30 minutes. When you chew a gum, body produces extra saliva to defend against stomach acids. Sucking a candy also has same effects. Candy should be hard and should not be mint based.

Avoid smoking to prevent heartburn. Nicotine present in the cigarette smoke can annoy the valve between the esophagus and stomach lining.

Too much consumption of coffee can cause heartburn. Cut down your daily coffee consumption.


Take fresh potato, aloe vera or cabbage juice to prevent heartburn.

Basil leaves are good for fighting against heartburn. Chew fresh basil leaves to fight against heartburn.

List out the food items that cause heartburn. Cut down their intake to get rid of it. Avoid oily, fried and spicy food. Use microwave cooked food because it has less oil. Have fiber rich diet to prevent the occurrence of heartburn. Include whole grain bread, apples, berries, watermelon, bananas and oranges to your diet. Add fiber to your diet gradually because it might cause constipation. Avoid garlic, pepper and spices.

Drink plenty of water because it helps in counteracting the side effects of excessive intake of fiber.

Cut down your alcohol intake.

Pregnant women may experience heartburn problem during third trimester. Eat several small meals instead of a single full meal. Consult your doctor before trying anything.

Like any medical drug, home remedies can also cause side effects. Always try home remedies from trusted source.


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