SWRD014-smallHeadache is a symptom that occurs due to many other diseases. It may occur at any age. Headache is of different types depending upon the cause. The definite cause should be known for the proper treatment. People suffering from recurrent headache should consult a physician to know the definite diagnosis and to start the right treatment. Pain may occur on one side, at the back of the head, in the forehead or entire head. Different types of headache include the following:

  • Migraine headache
  • Tension headache
  • General headache

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In migraine headache, there is pain on one side. Nausea and vomiting is also present in migraine headache. It may occur at any age. Any definite cause is not known. It may be hereditary and may be transmitted through genes from parents to children.
Tension headache occurs due to lot of mental stress. It may also occur due to depression. There is constant pain in the region of head and a person is not able to sleep due to tension headache.

Causes of headache

Headache may be caused due to different reasons. Important reasons of headache include the following:

  • An injury to head can produce headache over a long period of time. Such people often complain of pain in the head at the site of injury.
  • Improper sleep is also one of the main reasons for headache. It occurs in people who work in night shifts or remain awake for a longer period of time at night.
  • Mental stress is another important reason for producing constant headache. People who remain under mental stress complain of regular headache attacks.
  • Lack of nutritious food in diet is also responsible for headache in young individuals. It reduces blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain which may lead to headache.
  • People who miss their morning breakfast also suffer from recurrent attacks of headache.
  • Imbalance of hormones may be responsible for causing headache in young girls during puberty or in elderly women during menopause.
  • Any inflammation of the meninges in the brain can produce headache. Presence of tumor in the head is also responsible for causing headache.

Headache natural remedies

Herbs include headache natural remedies and provide quick relief from headache. Herbs are safe and natural and provide nourishment to the brain cells to prevent recurrent attacks. A package of herbal remedies may be used on a regular basis to reduce headache and prevent frequent attacks. Important herbal remedies used for the natural treatment of headache include the following:

  1. Divya medha kwath: This is accepted to be an awesome natural solution for migraine. It gives nutrition to the brain cells and disposes of intermittent attacks of migraine. It likewise supports up vitality and upgrades memory and concentration. It is a one of a kind natural solution for getting quick alleviation from constant cerebral pain.
  2. Divya moti pisti: This is a characteristic herb that gives speedy alleviation from migraine. It additionally disposes of sadness actually. It helps in adjusting the hormones and diminishes the symptoms of depression. It provides calmness to the mind and helps in balancing the hormones. It is an excellent herbal solution for tension headache. It increases the supply of oxygen to the brain cells.
  3. Divya praval pisti: This natural cure is a customary herb that might be utilized all the time to get rid of any type of headache. It is a valuable natural solution for a wide range of cerebral pain. It gives nutrients to the cerebrum and disposes of the considerable number of manifestations of depression and headache.
  4. Divya godanti bhasm: This is the best remedy for any kind of neurological problem. It gives relief from constant headache. It also provides relief from nausea and vomiting. It is an excellent herbal remedy that increases memory and concentration. It is a useful remedy for all types of headache.
  5. Divya medha vati: This might be utilized frequently to boost up vitality. It gives quick help from cerebral pain. It likewise gives help from recurrent attacks of migraine headache. It is a general brain tonic and increases mental concentration and memory. It may be used regularly to prevent depression.

Dosage and method of administration

Take one teaspoon of medicine no. 1, and put in 400 ml of water and boil till it reduces to 100 ml. take this water two times every day, before food.
Mix remedies 2, 3, and 4 together and divide into 60 equal parts. Take each part two times in a day with honey or a glass of water before food.
Take two pills from the 5th remedy two times in a day with water or warm milk after food.

How to prevent depression naturally?

Individuals experiencing recurrent headache can make improvements in their way of life and eating regimen to dispose of symptoms quickly. Home remedies likewise help to boost up vitality and in adjusting the hormones. Home remedies are safe and might be utilized all the time to avert recurrent headaches normally. Useful tips are given here that can avoid recurrent attacks of headache:

  • One ought to eat a balanced diet to give enough nourishment and appropriate supplements to the cerebrum cells. Diet helps in appropriate discharge of chemicals and hormones that helps to get rid of depression naturally.
  • Exercise additionally helps in expanding the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain cells. Breathing exercise greatly helps in getting rid of migraine headache and tension headache.
  • Drink more liquids to expel poisons and waste substances from the body. It helps in common detoxification and lessens stress.
  • One ought to take appropriate rest around evening time to decrease cerebral pain. Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed to get good sleep.
  • People experiencing migraine ought to abstain from drinking an excess of coffee or tea as it can create more reactions instead of giving any help.

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