Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha

Patanjali Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha ShampooPatanjali Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha – 200 ml- the product the best ever in the market is especially prepared to act as a source of energy for the hairs. The hairs- one of the sensitive portions of the body is always accessible to the harmful effects of the impurities. The affects of harmful impurities could be to such an extent that the normal luster of the hair could be lost forever. The produce in question has been specially reproduced by the curable properties present inside the reetha which has been the main ingredient in the produce.

Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha – 200 ml prepared from the natural herbs reduce hair loss when the cleanser is properly applied over the head. The bottle in which the produce is stored has all the information as to how to prevent hair loss as well as how to grow healthy hair.

Symptoms of reducing hair

The following symptoms could easily differentiate from the normal hair fall rate and the excessive hair fall rate:

  • When excessive hairs come out with the comb.
  • Increasing baldness in the head.
  • When the hairs while being tied gets easily packed in the clutcher.
  • Increasing hairline.

Causes of Severe Hair Fall

  • Combing your hair while they are wet.
  • Because of impurities that fall during the day.
  • Excessive sweating in the head.
  • Due to the exposure of the hairs to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Anemia like condition caused by the deficiency of iron.

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Treatment offered by Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha – 200 ml

The produce offers the best ever treatment to the hair. Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha – 200 ml identifies the weakening hairs that are adamant to fall. The weak hairs have been deprived of the essentials that provide energy to the hair. The weak hairs have been due to various reasons that could be cured by the application of the hair cleanser. The hair cleanser has been prepared by mixing various herbs, but reetha has been the main constituent. Reetha the main ingredient of the produce provides the necessary energizers to the hair. The energizers provided remove any type of impurities and encourages the smoothness of the hair. It also contains special type of repair modules that repairs any types of broken tissues in the hair. By repairing the broken tissues in the cells, the reetha shampoo gives the rough hair a very smooth silky touch. The hair cleanser removes all the impurities in the hair when the hairs are properly washed. The proper massage given let the impurities lose their ground and then the sweat and dust particles after becoming loose come off the head and gets washed away into the drain when the hairs are washed with fresh water.

Ingredients of Hair Cleanser Kesh Kanti Reetha

The main ingredient contained in the hair cleanser is reetha which gives a silky touch to the silky touch deficient hairs.

Recommended usage

Apply 3 ml of the hair cleanser on the wet hair, keep it for 1 minute by gentle massaging and wash

Direction of Use of hair cleanser kesh kanti reetha

Apply some 3 ml of the hair cleanser shampoo on the wet hair; massage it gently over the hair, then wash the whole solution with clean fresh water.

Diet recommendations for weak hair

The following diet recommendations could be taken for the good health of your hair:


  • Try to drink as much as possible as hairs contain water contents in good ration and consuming less water during the day could deprive the hairs of the essential water ration making the hairs dry and letting the hair fall prematurely.
  • Make it a habit to consume various colors in life. The variety of colors includes fresh fruits and vegetables that make a loss that the hairs have and are continuously suffering due to various contaminants.
  • Various vitamins could be another source of energy providers for the hair which provide luster to the hairs.
  • Dairy products sound better: Dairy products sounds better when it comes to the matter of providing health to the already weakening hairs.
  • Iron rich minerals provide a strong binding between the hairs and the scalp area. Iron rich eatables could strengthen the roots and prevent them from falling out.
  • Zinc providers provides strong bond between various hair cells to keep them intact in their places and not allow them to come off.

Precautions to be Observed

The following precautions could be observed to prevent the hair to lose their position in the head:

  • Cover your hair properly and try to reduce the dust particles that fall on your head.
  • Wash your hair frequently with the shampoo to remove the sweat and the dust that has already accumulated in the head.
  • While going in the sun, cover your hairs with a scarf and try that the minimum impurities fall on your head.
  • do not comb your hair too harshly and try not to sleep with open hair as open hair can get entangled in each other and could be rooted out of the scalp at the time hairs are being combed.
  • Try to tie your hair in a lighter mood.
  • Do not over stress as putting too much stress could weaken the roots and making the hair to come out of the roots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. I have heard that reetha is safe for washing the hair. How far it is true?

Yes, it is totally true that reetha is totally safe to be used as supplement for washing the hair.

Q2 I have been using reetha for the past some many years. Is the shampoo containing the same reetha?

Yes, the reetha is totally the same that has widely used for the hair for the past so many centuries.

Q3. Does it help to remove my dandruff?

No, the shampoo is not effective on dandruff.


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