how-to-relieve-an-earache-caused-by-flyi.WidePlayerEarache is a condition in which pain occurs at the ear. It generally occurs more in children as compared to adults. There are Eustachian tubes which are from throat to middle ear, get plugged. The problem can take place because of many reasons as of loud sounds, common cold, excessive wax, and ear-nose-throat problems or because of extreme pressure on the ear. It becomes severe at night as compared to day time. There are a lot of medical remedies which can help to relieve earache but some home remedies for earache are also there which are beneficial too.

Home Remedies for Earache

Onion– Take an onion and extract juice from it. Now, warm the juice and put 2-3 drops of that juice in both the ears. This is easy but effective home remedy for earache.

Garlic– Take some cloves of garlic and extract juice from it. Now, put the juice in the paining ear. Garlic is antibiotic, thus it helps to relieve pain.

Sesame Oil- In a teaspoon of sesame oil, add half clove of garlic. Heat it to make it warm. Lie on the flat surface and keep the paining ear upwards. Put 4 drops of oil in it. Keep in that position for 10 minutes. Change the side and repeat the process. It is a wonderful home remedy for earache.

Licorice– Take some licorice and roast it in ghee. Prepare a paste with both. Apply this paste over the external pat of the paining ear. It is sure way to relief the pain after some time.

Castor– Take some leaves of castor plant. Add them in sesame oil. Now, apply the oil around the pain affected area. It is one of the finest home remedies which are helpful in relieving the earache.

Bishop Weeds (Ajwain)– Collect some bishop weeds’ oil and mix it with sesame oil in 1:3 ratios. Keep it over flame to make it tolerable warm. Put about 3-4 drops of warm oil in both the ears. This is a natural remedy for earache.

Linseed Oil– In some linseed oil add 3-4 cloves of garlic. Burn the mixture. Filter the oil and store it in a glass bottle. Apply this oil two times over the ear, once in morning or other in evening. It is sure short home remedy for earache that provides relief in some days.


Holy Basil (Tulsi)– Take some fresh leaves of holy basil and grind them to prepare a fine paste. Warm this paste a little. When it goes equal to room temperature pour about 5-6 drops of oil in both the ears. It is a fantastic remedy for earache.

Mango Leaves– Take some mango leaves and extracts juice from it. Warm the juice and put about 4-5 drop of that oil in both the ears. It is a helpful treatment for earache.

Radish– Take a radish and chop it in small pieces. Add the pieces in mustard oil and warm the mixture a little. Store this mixture in glass bottle. Whenever you feel pain put some drops of oil in the pain affected area as it is an awesome home remedy for earache.

Breast Milk– Take some bottle gourd and extract juice from it. Now mix the same quantity of breast milk in the juice. Warm the mixture and put in the paining ear to get immediate and effective results.

Fenugreek Seeds– Take any oil as mustard or linseed and add some fenugreek seeds in it. Warm this mixture a bit. Put the oil in both the ears.

Mustard Oil– Warm some mustard oil and put in both the ears whenever you feel any kind of pain in the ears. It is the simplest home remedy for earache.


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