Dry Skin

DrySkin_StockImageNobody wants itchy, dry or rough skin. Having this kind of skin is very unpleasant. Although it has no permanent alleviation but rough skin can be made smoother by using some of the over counter creams available or by some home remedies.

You can even use some cleansing body wash or mild soap to cure the problem for the time being. These kinds of soaps and body washes are pretty expensive. Home remedies are proved to be better and inexpensive than these products.

Some home remedies for dry skin are as follows-

Drink as much water as you can. Drink at least 10-15 glasses of water every day. It keeps your skin glowing.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in a good amount every day.

Include more sources of Vitamin A, B and E to your diet. Leafy vegetables give your skin an inner glow as well as they preserve your skin’s natural moisture.

Drink 2-3 glasses of juice every day. It helps in making your skin smoother and glowing.

You can use a face pack regularly to cure dry skin. Fruit face pack is very beneficial for this kind of skin. Papaya, banana and peach are few fruits that can be used to make packs. Fruit face packs give your skin a natural glow. After applying the face pack, use a moisturizer or lotion to reserve the effects of face pack. Always apply the cream, lotion or moisturizer in upward circular motion.

If you have dry skin, use night creams regularly. Wash your face with mild soap or face wash. Apply the night cream in upward circular motion. You will have glowing skin in morning. The benefit of night creams is that they contain more oil than regular creams and work more efficiently while you are taking rest. One of the best home remedies for dry skin.

Herbal oil massage is essential diet for your skin. You can massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil. Regular massage fulfils the requirement of oil in your skin. It also makes your skin smoother.

Rose water is very good for skin. It gives your skin a natural glow. You can wash your face with rose water or use this as an essential ingredient in face pack.


Take a tub of lukewarm water and add 1cup baking soda to it. Take bathe with this water. Baking soda is skin friendly. It helps in retaining the essential oils of your skin.

Oats are a good source of Vitamin E. You can add a cup of oatmeal to your bath tub. It is a well known home remedy to keep your skin healthy.

Cornstarch works well in curing itchy skin. You can add a handful of cornstarch in your bath tub and enjoy the bath.

Salt is the most vital ingredient of your kitchen. It helps in making your dry skin smoother. You can massage the dry part of your skin with some salt after shower. Always remember that you massage only wet skin. It is a very simple and most efficient home remedy for dry skin.

Vinegar helps in keeping your skin healthy. Wash your hands with a mild soap and dry properly with a soft towel. Massage vinegar properly on the hands. Wear gloves for overnight. Wash your hands with water next morning. Your dry hands will look glowing. It is known as very effective home remedy for dry skin.

Glycerin is very good for healthy and glowing skin. Add equal quality of rose water to it and wash your face with this. It also improves your skin tone.

Do extra care of your skin. Wear gloves while washing or cleaning. It protects your skin from dust.

Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine. These make your skin drier.


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