Dry Eyes

dry-eyes2Dry eyes: Thin film of fluid will cover eyes and healthy eyes are dependent on this fluids amount on the eyes meaning our eyes needs to be moist with this fluid; lesser the amount of moist more the dryness of eyes. This thin fluid will come from the tears from eyes; tears secreted in the eyes spreads and making them moist.

Lesser production of tears will result in dryness; this happens when the tears glands are affected meaning when glands in the tears are not working then dryness will be there. Contact lenses are also main cause for dryness of eyes because lenses will absorb the moisture and will leave the eyes dry. Hot Wind, air condition, smoke, reading books, watching TV/Computers screen are the other factors which can cause the dryness of eyes. Dry eyes will result in pain on eye; redness of eyes, itching nears the eyes etc.

So whenever you feel above problems then follow the following remedies.

Following are some of the home remedies for Dry eyes:

Before sleep, apply lubricant at bedtime because eyes can dry out while sleeping. This is a natural home remedy for dry eyes.

Dry eyes can be occurred because of dehydration so drink the water as much as you can which can reduce the dehydration in your body.

Eat walnuts, sesame, grape seed, almonds and whole grain because these are containing omega 3and omega 6 fatty acid.

Place washcloth dipped in water on your eyes; this will increase liquid quotient in your eyes.

Make a paste of lemon juice mixed with tomato puree, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder and apply this paste under your eyes. This is a good home remedy for fighting against dry eyes.

Apply almond oil and castor oil under your eyes because both these oil will make moisture under your eyes and better than the moisturizer creams available in the market.

Soak cotton balls with team and place on your eyes for about 5 minutes.

Blink your eyes because blinking will help to reduce the dryness of eyes; because when you blink then tears spreads which can lead the moisture on your eyes sides.

Air conditioner, hair dryer or smoke are the dangerous for dryness and try to make distance from these all. This will help you in preventing from having dry eyes.

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Do not wash too much your eyes with water as this will wash out the tears and hence the dryness of eyes.

Take a fresh cucumber and chill this cucumber then cut this in slices and place on your eyes this is also very good remedy for making eyes good without dryness.

Take water with castor leaves and boil it, once boiled put aside to cool down. Now take cotton balls and soak with cooled water; place these balls on your eyes.

Add 2 drops of lavender oil in some amount of water. Dip small cloth in it and place on your eyes. It soothes your eyes and reduces the dryness of your eyes. This is very effective home remedy for treating dry eyes.

Live in moisture area when your eyes are dry. This will increase the moisture on your eyes.

Do some exercise like stand on grass in early morning under sun rays and make one feet gap between both the legs. Close your eyes and move body right to left sprinkle cold water on your eyes and then dry them with soft cloth. This will reduce the dryness of eyes.

Take a break when you are reading, watching TV or working on computers.

Take a healthy diet which contains vitamin.


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