Divya Udaramrita Vati 40 grams

udaramrita-vati-bigDivya Udaramrit Vati is one of the safest ways to cure all Digestion problems. Any kind of Digestive problem like Ingestion, Constipation, Bowl irregularity, swelling of the Stomach or Gastric trouble can be healed properly with the help of this Vati. Divya Udaramrit Vati helps to cure digestive problems without producing unwanted results. It is believed to be one of the best remedies for indigestion as it consists of all natural herbs. It helps to solve all stomach problems by nourishing digestive organs.

Divya Udaramrit Vati is specifically made to nourish the Digestive Track and helps to cure it from its innermost layers. Our Digestive system is very complex though it’s cleansing needs to be done on time, because there are so many microbes and bacteria that occur due to Ingestion or Acute constipation.

(40 grams of Divya Udaramrita Vati produced by Swami Ramdev’s

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This Herb is the best solution to all those problems as it has extracts which are having active agents which flush out all the impurities from the Digestive Track. This Vati removes all the dead cells, and other food particles out of the track. It also stops occurring of the Gastric problems or formation of chemicals in the track. If you are looking to cure digestive problems you should take this natural remedy for effective results.

Ayurveda is replete with so many herbs that they can treat any number of problems or abnormalities occur in our body. So, as this Divya Udaramrit Vati which not even cure the Digestive Track but also helps to purify the Blood circulation. People suffering from stomach problem should take this herbal remedy to get rid of theri problem naturally. There are numerous remedies for indigestion in the market which may produce side effects.

This Vati is having cleansing agents which removes impurities from the Blood and purify it naturally. This is a natural formula to clear out dead cells from the body. It also helps Blood to Circulate properly in all the body parts.

This Vati if used regularly can be taken as Dietary supplement in order to keep your body Diseases free. Due to lifestyle or hectic schedule one cannot take good care of their body in that case that Vati is pure magic.

During stress or anxiety also our body reacts to the situation and various body parts stops their function. In that case this Vati act on that parts and provide strength to continue their function.

In general also this Vati proves to provide powerful active agents in order to fight against various microbes present in the body. This Vati is also recommended in case external problems due to Digestive troubles like Skin pigmentation, Pimples, Vomiting, burning sensations, Nausea, Loss of Appetite etc. If you really want to cure digestive problems, you should start taking this herbal remedy regularly. Natural remedies for indigestion in this product help to boost up immunity to solve digestive problems. It is a wonderful product to solve all your stomach problems without producing any side effects.

Later on all these problems pose huge problems to the health. But with the regular use of this Vati one can find huge relief from Skin signs and others etc. With proper Digestive activity one can find huge change in Face as the Skin gets tender and soft. Also ones body gets lighter and person drops heaviness of the Digestive inactivity.

Benefits of using this Vati:

This is a wonder herb in order to get permanent relief from the problems. This Vati cures not only the whole of the Digestive track but the parts adjoining to the track. This Vati is so gentle on body that it can’t be said some kind of medicines.

This Vati firstly cures and nourishes the Digestive activity. It eliminates all the impurities and unwanted things from the Digestive track. Then it strengthens the Digestive wall in order to fight with any kind of foreign microbes.

This Vati is a Remedy for Ingestion due to any reasons like Oily food, overeating, improper Physical movements etc. All these problems give rise to the problems of Ingestion which later on trouble the Skin in the shape of rashes, Acne, Hair fall etc. So, this can be totally healed up with the help of this Vati.

This Vati is good in case of Constipation which is occurring because of Chemical imbalances, Stress and strains, anxiety. It helps to soften the excreta and make space for their proper elimination.

Then this Vati is a good herbal formula to cure Bowl irregularity where improper feces comes out and are bad for the healthy body. It also stops Stomach swelling, where wall of the Digestive Track swells up and is very painful sometimes.

This Vati is very good herb in case of Gastric troubles. This is basically reaction of chemicals in the Digestive track. It can be stopped and totally cured with the herbs present in this Vati. It also stops burning sensation due to spicy food eating’s.

With the regular use of this Vati one can have smooth functioning of the Digestive track. This Vati also takes care of the loss of Appetite due to Digestive inactiveness. It cures the problems and also Increases the Immunity of the person.

Metabolism-BenefitsThis Vati also is very good in maintaining the Metabolism of the person. It increases the metabolic activity and helps to provide fat dissolving formula. So, it can be the cure of Obesity. It is very beneficial in case of any Stomach Problem.

Home remedies:

This Vati is pure as it is made up of Natural extracts. This is made of herbs like: Amalaki, Citrak, Aswagandha, Neem extracts, Ajamoda, Trivrit, Ativisha, Mandura, Lauha, Shankha, and Kaisisa Bhasma etc.

Therapeutic Uses:

This Vati proves to be the best treatment in case of Ingestion, Constipation, Stomach swelling; Loss of Appetite, Gastric troubles etc. These are the primary symptoms of Digestive inactiveness but there are some secondary symptoms which occur and can be stopped with this Vati are: Skin rashes, pigmentation, hair fall, rise in blood pressure, Fat accumulations, Hair fall, etc. All these signs can be totally removed from the body with the help of this Vati.

Direction of uses:

One needs to take this Vati twice a day during morning time and at bed time with warm water.


One should ask their doctors in case of Food poisoning or some severe Stomach infections.

Diet recommendations:

One should eat semi cooked food and preferably fresh vegetables. Also one should totally avoid spicy, oily, processed food. And one should take care of proper meals.

Lifestyle recommendations:

One should take good care of their Physical activities like walking, jogging, etc. Also some kind of Yoga should be followed.

Concept behind this Vati:

This Vati is made in order to cure all Digestive problems.

Customers view about the product:

“I had severe Ingestion problem and tried every single medicine. But my problem still persists. Then I tried this product and huge healing. I am totally fine and have smooth digestive activity.”


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