Divya Stri Rasayan Vati Herbal menstrual relief

stri-rasayan-vati-bigDivya Stri Rasayan Vati is a medicine which works to cure all Woman problems’. It is a Natural remedy for Menstruation irregularity, Uterus infections, vaginal infections, leucorrhea, Back pain or pelvic pain etc. It consists of natural remedies for menstruation that help in the treatment of all menstrual problems. It consists of herbal remedies for periods that help to normalize the flow of blood naturally. It is a perfect blend of natural herbs for menstruation that provides nutrition to the female organs.

Stri Rasayan Vati is famous for curing Women diseases as it helps to provide strength to the weak parts. Stri Rasayan Vati is one of the best herbal remedy to cure menstrual cycle and its irregularity.

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Woman around the world have faced lots of problems regarding their health but they always ignore them due to their family responsibilities. This increases their wear and tear of the body and may lead to long term harm inside the body. But timely precaution not only heals up the problem but also makes them withstand future problems and protect their body against infections.

Divya Stri Rasayan Vati is the permanent cure to those entire problems which are not even identified properly. With the regular dosage of this Vati women can not only cure the problem but find a natural solution to the problems. This Vati provide nourishment to the body as it is made up of special herbs for Menstruation which are famous for their therapeutic effect in the body. Herbal remedies for periods included in this natural product help to balance the female hormones to regularize the menstrual cycle. There are large number of natural remedies for menstruation available in the market but it is beleived to be a unique herbal solution for women suffering from menstrual problems.

Stri Rasayan Vati is an Ayurvedic formation which is totally safe in use. It is not any kind of chemical or made of any impurities which could harm the body. This Vati is like natural healer for the body. A woman can delay their Menopausal effects with the help of this Vati. All the herbs for menstruation in this product nourishes the female organs. It is believed to be one of the best herbal remedies for periods. Natural remedies for menstruation in Divya Stri Rasayan Vati help to rejuvenate female organs for optimum functioning.

With the continuance use of this Vati one can find solace from certain incurable problems also. The Ageing process can be delayed with the help of this Vati.

Advantages of Divya Stri Rasayan Vati:

There are various benefits of using this Vati. It is having positive effect on both Mind as well as Body. Some of the benefits of this Vati are:
This Vati helps to provide overall nourishment to the body. It has an essential herb which works to provide required nutrients to the body.
This Vati helps to cure irregularity of Menstrual cycles. Whether Pain in the abdomen during menstrual cycles or Swelling or tenderness of the body everything can be cured properly with the help of this Vati. During Menstrual Cycles excessive bleeding can be stopped with the help of this Vati.

This Vati is being recommended in case of Uterus infections where the lining of the Uterus gets infected. This Vati nourishes the Uterus and strengthen it to have normal functioning.

Vaginal infections can be healed with the help of this Vati. As Vagina is very sensitive to any medications, this Vati is purely safe and secure to use in private parts. It helps to stop Vaginal Discharge and provide healing if there is nay injury. It cures all cuts and wounds also. Vaginal dryness can be rectified with the regular use of this Vati.

imagesThis is the perfect remedy for Menopausal precautions. As menopause occurs in the mid of 40’s so one should take precautions beforehand. This will help them to fight against its effects and changes in the body. Hormonal changes can be controlled with this Vati as it provides strength to the Cells and tissues to stop occurrence of changes. Skin Ageing, Hair fall, Obesity, Blood sugar level, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Acne problem all can be cured with just one product..

This Vati is best Stress reliever as it soothes the nerves and cells and gives calming effect on the Brain.

Direction of Use:

Take two tablets twice a day with warm milk or water.


Only pregnant Ladies should consult their Doctors before use.

Diet Recommendations:

One should follow totally natural Diet like fresh fruits and vegetables. One should take lots of liquid in order to flush out impurities form the body. No Oily, Spicy or overcooked food should be taken.

Life style Recommendations:

The basic change in the lifestyle of a person should be to include more of physical work. One should include Brisk Walk, Yoga or some exercises in their daily life. This will help in proper elimination of their toxins from the body and provide growth to the cells and tissues naturally.

Therapeutic Uses:

This Vati is the cure for Post pregnancy symptoms like irregular Menstruation cycles. This Vati is sufficient to provide all kinds of relief from the pain.

images01This Vati increases Immunity of a lady and increase their metabolic activity. This Vati is beneficial for overall weakness of the body as it provide all the Herbs to fulfill nutrient deficiency in the body.

How long to take it:

The need of this Vati depends upon severity of the problem. But the ladies use this Vati until their Menopausal time gets over. That provides strength to their body and makes them stronger. Also their Menopausal effects get delayed. So, one should know the symptoms first and then according to the intensity of the problems.

Concept behind the product:

This product is the ultimate healer for the women who are always busy in making balance between home and work life. This provides healing to all the parts of their body and cures their abnormalities. Women if take care of their body timely may be able to keep them fit for long. This Vati is produced in order to provide all the necessary ingredients to the body and fulfills its needs.

Customers Review about the product:

“I was very much depressed with my Irregular Menstruation cycle. I even get some of the changes in my body like Hair fall, rashes, mood swings because of this. But now I am very much relieved. The moment I stared this Vati it proved to be a blessing for me. It has eliminated my problem and had cured all my ailments”.

“I was suffering from severe Uterus infection, and I tried every single medication but could not find any relief. My problem came back after sometimes. Then I came across this Vati and it had really proved beneficial for me. This Vati had cured my Uterus Infections and after 6 months my body had totally fine from all ailments.”


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