Divya Shilajeet shuddh (for Gout and Weak Immune System)- 20 grams

shilajit-sat-bigBuy now hereDivya Shilajeet shuddh is the natural mixture known to provide energy Supplements to the body. It is the Anti ageing supplement which is essential for the development of the body. It cures all kinds of problems like Diabetes, Asthma, tuberculosis etc.

This Sat is beneficial for both male and female as it is good for overall well being of a person. Just like food is important for the body Shilajeet shuddh also works like energy booster for Cells and tissues. It is a natrual immune enhancer that provides natural herbs to the body.

(20 grams of Divya Shilajeet shuddh produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy)

This Sat is packed with lots of powerful agents which provide sufficient energy for growth and development of the muscles. For the people who are busy in their daily routine very much and unable to focus on their health this sat proves to be the ultimate healer. It is the best Anti aging supplement for men that helps them to remain young.

There are various patients who are recommended the additional energy supplements because they feel loss of energy during the day. This is a special Male herb to provide all the required energy to the body.

This Sat is the natural Immune enhancer for the body and helps to fight against various microbial attacks. This further prevent from seasonal infections. This sat is also having cooling effect on the body which keep on providing stored energy to the body to maintain temperature of the body.

Divya Shilajeet shuddh is the best energy dose for Old aged people as they feel loss of energy whole day and their body doesn’t allow for much physical activity. For them this is just like miracle as it gives constant supply of energy to them and that too instantly. It is a well known ancient male herb that is natural and produces no side effects.

Benefits of Using:

There are tones of Benefits of using this Shilajeet shuddh. this is not a normal health supplement but it contains so many essential herbs that make it the most effective Sat from all. This natural anti aging supplement keeps body strong and healthy to remain young forever.

The foremost benefit of using this Sat is it increases efficiency of the person by supplying Energy packets to the cells and Tissues. This further strengthens the weak cells and supply Oxygen to those areas.

It removes all the clogged Toxins from the body, which hampers the growth of the body. This helps in uninterrupted growth of the cells.

This Sat helps in removing unwanted impurities like Dead cells and tissues from the body this provide room for new cell growth.

This Divya Sat purifies the blood and smoothes its circulation in the whole body. This helps in Skin purification process.


This Divya Shilajeet shuddh increases Immunity of the person. This gives fighting agents to the various parts of the body. It is a natural immune enhancer to keep optimum functioning of all body parts.

This is helpful in case of Asthma as it helps to clear out lung infections and respiratory track infections. This is the only medicine which is so much beneficial in giving relief from acute Breathlessness and nourishes the wind pipe as well as Lungs.

This is good in case of maintaining Blood sugar level of the person. It stabilizes the Glucose level in the body and helps to strengthen Liver and pancreas to function properly.

This Sat is very good in maintaining Blood pressure of the person. It maintains the hemostats of the body and helps in Hypertension.

Direction Of use:

Take this Sat twice a day empty stomach before meals first in the morning and then in the evening.

Therapeutic Use:

This Sat is the best antidote in case of Tuberculosis or jaundice. As it strengthens the Liver of the person and helps in providing it proper nourishment. It is good product in Skin purification system. This helps to purifies Skin impurities. It is very good to have smooth digestive activity. As it increases Metabolism of the person and helps in easy assimilation of food.

It acts on Obesity of the person and provide fat burning strength. Divya Shilajeet Sat strengthens the bones and is good remedy in case Arthritis, and Spondolysis. It rejuvenates all the cells and tissues of the body and is full of Glucose for its activity.

Home remedies:

It contains main ingredients as Shudh Shilajeet, Kali musli, Kesar, Shudh Bhasma etc. This contains best ingredient to nourish each and every cell of the body. The ingredients present in this sat contains all the vitamins and Mineral which are needed for the body. It contains ample of iron, Calcium and vitamin A and E.


This sat needs to be taken alone as no other medicine should be attached with this product. It should be taken empty stomach and in regular intervals.

Diet recommendations:

One needs to take care of their eating habits as only fresh fruits and vegetables provide antioxidant to the body. Also proper hydrated body can fight against microbes and germs.

Lifestyle changes recommendations:


One should include more of a physical movement as it will help in building strength to the body. Also proper Yoga or aerobics can help in eliminating toxin wastes from the body.

Concept behind the product:

This product is basically made to provide the energy deficiency in the body. It not only fulfills the Glucose deficiency but also helps to have smooth function of the body parts. So, this basically helps in fulfilling all the required activity of the body. This sat is specially made for all those people who have problem in physical fitness and unable to focus on their Health due to their busy life. This sat fulfills all their problems.

Customers View about the product:

”I feel exhausted all the time and always complaining about loss of energy from my body. I used so many medicines but nothing helped me. But then I came across this Sat and it really proved to be best energy Booster for me. I am full of energy and also at my best during the whole day.”

“I had problem of severe loss of appetite which is the cause of infections and other physical disturbances. I tried this Ayurvedic product and it is like miracle. It is the best thing that I used among all the medicines. I am fine as all my digestive infections are totally gone and I can maintain my weight now.”


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