Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati (for Impotency)- 40 grams

divya-shilajit-vati-bigDivya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati is an herbal Remedies to cure all Male Sexual disorders. This Vati is having essential herbs which nourish the overall cells of the body. It consists of remedies for ED and helps in the dysfunction treatment.

This Vati contains herbs which considerably increases the Sperm count in Males. This Vati known to cure all problems occur during intercourse to a Male. It increases the Ejaculation time and also helps in getting complete satisfaction. It provides nutritional support to the male sexual organs for dysfunction treatment.

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It also increases Libido among males. This Vati is popularly known as Indian Viagra. It is very much responsible in increasing the Males fertility. It increases the Sperm quality and also makes them very healthy. The natural remedies for ED in this product help in giving quick releif from dysfunction problems. It is the best herbal product for male support that is safe and does not produce any adverse effects.

This Vati is having all the nutrients which are necessary for the healthy life of a person. This Vati is the best cure of any infections of sexual organs. This Vati nourishes the sexual organs and makes them much stronger and healthier. Men who are looking for dysfunction treatment should use this product as a perfect male support.

This Vati is also recommended in case of loss of interest in sexual life or to increase the efficiency of the person. It helps to attain perfect marital bliss for the person.

It increases the efficiency of the person it makes person younger for long. It provides the required energy packed with other vitamins which makes body young and healthy. With the helps of this Vati the person also get rid of general weakness. It increases the power to perform the whole day long works and also remain active. The natural remedies for ED in this product improve the strength of the male sexual parts for optimum functioning.

This herb is incomparable to the any other medicines available in the market guarantees the solution to sexual problem. This Vati is tried and tested in the laboratory which makes it the most trustworthy medicine for everyone.

This Vati increases the Immunity of the person which helps in other bodily functions. It also increases the resistance to certain bacteria and microbes which may harm the body.

Along with Sexual disorders this Vati is also very good in avoiding problem like Diabetes, Arthritis, Blood pressure or hypertension, Heart attacks which are almost life threatening.


One can avoid these entire problems with the help of simple solution of this Vati. This is safe and totally herbal in formation this makes it again the suitable choice for everyone. Unlike other medicines which may lead to weight gain along with other problems. This Vati is pure and doesn’t lead to any fat production in the body.

Benefits of Using this Vati:

There are so many benefits that this Vati is one of the best known herbs nourish the whole of the body. It has so many benefits like:
It Increases the general weakness of the person. It provide ample of energy to workout and remain active whole day long.
This Vati is very good herb in increasing the Sperm count which is very difficult to increase. It helps to increase the quality of the Sperms and makes them healthier.
It also is good for increasing Sexual desires among the Males and increases their marital bliss. This again increases their overall health as it is perfect male support.

It helps to increase the Immunity of the person. Especially for those who often gets infections or seasonal problems. This Vati is pure herb which contains so many fighting agents.

This Vati also diminishes the infections of Sexual organs due to unhygienic conditions or excess of humidity. This Vati protects the Organs and have their smooth functions.

This Vati increase the Digestion of the person and helps them to assimilate the food much better. This also helps in controlling weight of the person. Due to stress the digestive system gets upset which makes the body deposit the fat. This gives rise to Obesity. But with the regular use of this Vati one can control the fat accumulation in the body.


It is very helpful in Erectile Dysfunction. It is very much beneficial in Impotency problem. It also cures the Male Infertility problem due to certain lifestyle and eating habits. It cures the problem of Male impotency and is overall Dysfunctional treatment.

It is the best treatment for all genital problems. This Vati is very good in treating the infections in Private parts.

Direction of Uses:

This Vati should be taken after food. This can be taken one or two per day.


One should be careful regarding the intake of this medicine and other medicines. Keep a gap of some time in between.

Therapeutic Use:

It cures the problem of Infertility, premature ejaculations, erectile dysfunction, diminished desires in sexual relations, general weakness of the person and decreased Sperm count problem etc.

Diet recommendations:

One should eat only organic food because they contain natural healing effects. One should maintain proper eating habits because what you eat means what you feel. And a healthy eating maintains the healthy life style. One should keep hydrating themselves as it will help in eliminating toxins from the body.

Life Style recommendation:


One should make sure that they go for walk every day because that will make them much more active. One should take care of their sleep timings also because sound sleep is very necessary for the healthy life of the person. Try to follow some yoga practices also.

Home remedies:

This Vati is very much safe to be use by every single person as contains all the home made herbs. It has some of the essential herbs like Aswagandha, Triphala, Amla, Haritaki, Bhumi, Shilajeet Neem etc extracts.

Concept behind this product:

This Vati is made In order to provide relief from all kinds of Male infertility. There are so many problem occur due to bad life style which makes the body inactive and unable to function properly. This Vati helps in providing relief from all kinds of problems and also attain good health.

Customers View about the product:

“I had problem of the lack of sexual desires in my marriage and that makes my life very dull. I tried every single medicine but my problem was still there. Then I thought about using this medicine which is herbal in nature. I tried and found huge change in my moods. I feel really lively and very much active now. “


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