Divya Putrajeevak Seeds

Divya_Putrajevak-bigBuy now herePUTRAJEEVAK SEED -200GM has been prepared by the team of experts to control the problems of infertility in women. Infertility is the opposite of fertility, the ability of a woman to conceive and have a child. Infertility-common thing since stone age and may be earlier than that is the type of situation which a woman does not like – the inability of a woman to conceive and have a young life in her lap. These seeds have been plucked from the mother nature to give another potential mother a chance to laugh. This removes any defect that a woman possesses in her reproduction system in her.

These seeds have the ability to increase female fertility and the herbs that are contained inside are the herbs for infertility. The seeds prevent the woman to miscarriages that happen in a woman. The miscarriages lose hopes of a woman to have her baby after so many months of precautions that she had been taking.


  • A woman is not getting pregnant after repeatedly getting sex with her better half. A repeated sexual intercourse with her husband and releasing of the sperm in a woman, still the woman does not get pregnancy is a sign of infertility.
  • Pain while having sex.
  • Milky white liquid coming out of the nipples of a woman
  • There is a loss of hair in a woman.
  • Change in the desire to have sex.


  • If the fallopian tubes that act as a carriage of the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus are damaged, then it is the cause of infertility.
  • If there is any signs of fibroid in the uterus, then the eggs after mixing with the sperm may not have enough space to stay in the uterus, then it is the sign of infertility.
  • There is some Hormone Imbalance in women which causes the women’s inability to conceive.
  • Nutrition is not of good balance: If a woman takes improperly balanced diet, then the cells and hormones to have proper sex does not produce.
  • The release of eggs from the ovaries is not regular and at predetermined intervals.

Treatment that is offered:

The seeds could be consumed by women to get the signs of infertility removed from her life. These seeds act on the hormone imbalance of a woman and remove any signs of a woman not getting pregnant. It gives the much needed relief to a woman by rectifying any signs of irregular release of eggs that are required for fertilization. The eggs that are required has to pass through various phases and through different paths reacts with the sperm that has-been released by a male. If the path followed by these eggs are not correct, then it the sign of infertility. The herbs contained inside have been plucked by the nature to rectify the problem. It corrects any irregularities that are present in the ovaries that are to release the eggs. If also there is some sign of disorder in the uterus where the mixture of egg and the sperm, then these signs are also rectified. Also these seeds contain the ability to make a woman fit. The seeds cleanse the reproductive system and the tracts and the tubes that are used by the internal system of a woman to transfer the egg from one organ to another. It cleanses the linings that are contained inside. The cleansing operation increases the chances of w woman to have a child.

Ingredients inside:

Seeds taken out from the tree of putrajeevak tree.

Recommended Dose:

A fine powder of the seeds to be taken twice a day along with milk of a cow.

Directions of use:

Take a few seeds and grind them properly to have a very fine powder of it, and then consume this powder two times a day. This powder is to be taken along with the milk of a cow.

Diet Recommendations:

  • Eggs could be included in the regular diet plans as eggs contain Vitamin B12 which reduces the women’s infertility chances.
  • Fresh fruits could be consumed daily through any means- it can be cut and salad can be made out of that or it can be relished as fruits while sitting outside in a garden area.
  • Meat – a good solid IRON based meat helps in reducing the infertility rate at an alarming level.
  • Alcohol is not an essential diet as it has the capacity to make a woman infertile and reduce her chances of having a baby in her arms.
  • Smoke coming out a cigarette though may be enjoyable for many but; it reduces the chances of getting pregnant. So, do not smoke.


  • Make sure that you get pregnant at the right age because as the age grows up, egg transfer from the ovaries gets delayed. If there is a lack of timing between the male’s sperm and a women’s egg and these does not collide at a predetermined time and at a pre determined place, then the chances of fertilization are reduced.
  • If a women’s body is too heavy or too lean, then also it reduces the chances of fertility. So important to maintain your body within permissible limits.
  • A healthy diet means a healthy diet. A healthy diet reduces any hormones imbalances in the body.
  • Avoid Alcohol and quit tobacco use.
  • Take a regular walk while being pregnant as it increases the airflow to the reproductive system and so to have a healthier child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How these seeds prevent infertility?

Ans. The seeds act on the internal organs of the women’s reproductive system and cleanse the whole system to conceive.

Q2. Is it safe to have the seeds in a powder form?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to use the powder.

Q3. How this helps me to cure my infertility problem?

Ans. The seeds that have been used cleanse the whole internal system of a woman and gives internal energy that is required.


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