Divya Punarnavadi Mandur 40 grams

divya-punarnavadi-mandur-bigDivya Punarnavadi Mandur is a revitalizing herb known to cure all Kidney related problems. This is an Ayurvedic mixture well recommended in case of Kidney related troubles. It is a natural cure for kidney.

This is a wonderful herbal cure for Kidney problems. This product is best in case of Kidney disease treatment as it works to help Kidney fight against any kind of infections and function properly. It provides room to Kidney through which it eliminates its toxins from the body.

(40 grams of Divya Punarnavadi Mandur produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy)

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During Kidney infections there are problems like accumulation of Toxin wastes in the body and swelling of the stomach. But due to the regular consumption of this Product one can find huge relief from swelling of the body parts. It even provides strength to Kidney to fight against various harmful microbes or diseases causing external bodies. It is a wonderful remedy for kidney disease treatment. The natural remedies in this product help in natural cure for kidney problems.

This herb provides a protective shield which helps to cover up the weakness of the Kidney and provide it strength. It has strong nourishment agents which nourishes not only to kidney but to whole of the body.

This herbal product is very good in case a person is suffering from Diabetes. It helps to control the Blood sugar level in the body. This herb works faster in purifying Blood. Whether any kind of impurity presents in the blood can be cured with the help of this product. It purification technique helps to cleanse the body and whole of the Skin also.

This product clears all the Skin problems which occur because of the blood impurities like Pimples, Acne etc. This herb is a good product to control the Hypertension or Blood pressure. It controls the rise and lower of the blood pressures drastically.

This herb increases Immunity of the person with the help of its essential herbs. Its natural formula is totally safe for all kinds of patients as it is totally free from any kind of chemicals or artificial ingredients. Due to regular use of this product anybody having problem of general weakness, restlessness, or getting sick again and again etc can be totally eliminated from the body. The person gains overall energy level; the nerves become more calm and cool and provide power to the body to fight against any kind of infections.

So, this is an all round development herb known to cure overall weakness and a perfect natural cure for Kidney. One can find solace from their Toxin effects and also gains lots of energy to have more physically active life.

Benefits of using this product:

Heal-Kidney-DiseaseThis Divya Punarnavadi Mandur is a natural herb which can be taken to treat all Kidney problems. The patient whether on prolonged medications of Kidney problem can start this medicine without any fear. This is having such an herbal extracts which are very rare and are essential in curing all Kidney related problems. It is the best kidney disease treatment that produces no adverse effects.

This herb can even work best on the patients having severe infections of the Kidney. This herb helps in initiating filtration of the kidney and eliminating all its waste toxins.

It is helpful in maintaining weight of the person by dissolving all the excessive fat attached to the tissues and bones. It increases metabolism of the person by initiating its digestive activities. So, it can be called as anti obesity herb.

It is having purification process for the body as it purifies the Blood and takes out all the impurities from it. Its active agents are very powerful in cleansing the whole body.

It is a good herb in boosting energy level of the person. It increases the physical activity of the person. It is also given in case of Indigestive activities. It is helpful in assimilating food inside the body. This provides Energy to the whole system.

As it eliminates toxins waste from the body it is helpful in eradicating Urinary infections. It clears out all the infections present in the Bladder and thus nourish the Bladder. It is a unique herbal cure for kidney diseases.

It regulates Blood circulation inside the tissues and is very much beneficial in supplying Oxygen in the tissues. It controls the RBC’s count in the blood also. And prevent Blockages of arteries.

gastric-ulcerIt is a very good remedy for Gastric related activities. It controls the unwanted chemical formation in the body and provides it strength to sustain any kind of acidic activity.

Direction of use:

One should take at least two tablets per day or according to the severity of the problem. It can be taken after meals in the morning time and evening time.


This should be taken at regular interval and avoid excessive dairy product and salt intake.

Therapeutic Use:

It is a good remedy in case of Kidney infections, Diabetes, Spleen infections, liver problem, Blood sugar control, Blood purification process etc. This is a product having ample of usage which cures so many diseases.

Home remedies:

It has all the home grown ingredients which are totally safe for the body. it is not only good for the old age people but today it can be taken by children having Kidney infections.

Diet recommendations:

One should avoid eating excessive Dairy products and also oily and processed food should be avoided. One should add lots of natural food like Fruits and vegetables and stick to well balanced diet.

Lifestyle recommendations:

One needs to live more active life and include some Yoga or aerobics in your lifestyle because it helps to eliminate toxins faster from the body. Also proper sleep provides stamina to fight against diseases.

Concept behind the product:

This is not just any other product which cures the problem. But it is specially made in order to help one to heal whole body affected due to Kidney infiltration. It nourishes the body and helps to have healthy and well balanced life.

Customers review about the product:

“I had Kidney infections which was permanent from past 1 year. I tried every medication but the problem still comes again. Due to this my skin looks pale and started affecting my whole body. But the moment I started this medicine I found huge solace as I have almost recovered from the problem and my Skin shows a brilliant effect.”


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