Patanjali Tejus Tailum 100 ml

Patanjali-Tejus-tailum-bigPatanjali Tejus Tailum is massaging oil which has benefits hidden in it. It is the best ever massaging oil ever produced. It has many advantages which have been extracted from the herbs that could be made available for massaging purposes. This is very beneficial in getting a person to get the youthful skin. This is the best ever tonic for the various types of hair loss that the person affected is experiencing. Has a very good reputation in toning up the body cells and helps in restoring the internal strength of the body. The good massage of the oil on the hair provides vital nutrients to the hair and puts a cap on the damage caused. Is a very rich source to the body as it can be used as both as hair and body oil.

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Symptoms of skin damage and the hair loss:

  • Skin becomes toughened and rougher.
  • More wrinkles that are showing up on the skin.
  • Skin tends to loosen up around the body.
  • The color of the skin changes due to the over exposure to the sun.
  • Increasing baldness on the head.
  • Skin rashes due to exposure to the sun.

Causes of the hair loss, skin damage:

  • Mental stress: Mental stress is a major contributing factor for the loss of hair.
  • There is a serious loss of protein. When there is a serious loss of protein in the body, it could be a serious loss of hair and could be a major contributing factor in the loss of the skin glow.
  • Loss of red blood corpuscles: When there is a loss of red blood corpuscles then it could result in the head losing the hair.
  • When the skin has been exposed to the excessive heat, the cells in the top of the skin are damaged due to this exposure to the heat resulting in the blackening of the skin.
  • When there has been some type of cuts resulting in bruises in the skin.

Treatment that could be useful:

The Patanjali Tejus Tailum oil has been prepared by mixing the herbs that have the natural powers to give the natural glow to the skin that have been going through various aging processes. The skin while going through the development of a person sees various old skin cells fading away and new skin cells taking their place. When this repeated cell development alters its normal pattern then the skin loses its normal glow and a person loses his or her sheen. Patanjali Tejus Tailum helps a person affected restoring the normalcy of the skin and restoring the los glory. Acts as protective covering for the hair and skin as restores the lost sheen of the both. Best for hair glory and skin tonic. Provides vital nutrients to both hair and the skin.

Ingredients contained inside:

The main ingredients that are included in this oil are

Surajmukhi oil, Jaitun Oil, Tejus Tailum, Badam Oil, Akhrot Oil, Soya bean Oil Mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil, Castor Oil. The natural ingredients that are contained provide the useful nutrients that provide the natural glow to the skin and restore the hair glory and also provide them the strength.

Recommended Dose of The Oil:

The recommended dose of the oil is to apply some of the oil on the body.

Directions for use of the product:

The oil can be massaged over the body as per the requirement. It can be applied on the body before taking bath. But, before bath it is recommended to apply the oil at least half an hour earlier. Another alternative to use the oil is that the oil can also be applied after the bath.

Diet recommendations:

There are certain diet recommendations that could be followed

  • Seafood and spinach and other food articles that are rich in zinc could be very useful in providing strength to the hair and prevents them from falling.
  • Dark chocolate is another valuable source of zinc that could prevent the hair from falling.
  • Another useful remedy is the consumption of vitamin B tablets.
  • Iron is another essential element that needs to be taken care of in the body as the levels of iron could imbalance the body’s power against various skin and hair problems.
  • Eat a good healthy diet as it could provide vital nutrients to the body and act as a shield against falling hair.
  • Green tea is another vital nutrient that could be a vital source of energy against hair loss.
  • Eggs could be another energy provider to the hair.
  • Foods that are rich in Vitamin C could be taken as a rejuvenator for the skin and the hair loss.

Precautions that could be observed:

  • It’s advisable not to go to the sun as over staying could lose the glow of the skin.
  • Keep your face, arms and hands covered in the sun while driving.
  • Use protective goggles in the sun to cover the portions under the eyes.
  • Do not comb your hair while they are wet after washing as wet hair are very loose at the roots and combing can uproot the hair.
  • Apply a film of oil on the hair while combing dry hair.
  • Apply a coating of cream that could prevent the skin from the ill effects of the sun rays.
  • Keep your hair protected from the dust and the dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1 Is this oil safe for children?

This oil is safe to use by anybody including children and also by people of any age.

Q2. Are there side effects involved in applying this oil over the body?

No, there are no side effects involved in using the application of this.

Q3. Can I apply the oil in the night before going to sleep?

To take maximum benefits, it is advisable to massage the oil over the body some time before taking bath in the morning.


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