Patanjali Pineapple Jam

Divya-Patanjali-Pineapple-Jam-bigPatanjali Pineapple Jam – 1 kg is a pineapple jam that is prepared from the fresh pineapple fruit available in the market. This is capable of providing various nutrients to the body making it capable of resisting various disorders that could make the body vulnerable to diseases. One of the various fruit jams, this pineapple jam is prepared by combining the pulps of the best fruits that are grown in organic farms around.This jam promotes various healing properties that treat the body ailments. The ailments that could be taken care of by the use of this jam includes immune system disorders, also it has the best ever antioxidants the use of which could benefit the human body. Along with there are various other body treating formulae that are contained lieu of this jam is the best shilajit that could be seen around ( Shilajit is basically a paste like substance varying in colors depending upon in its location that has the capacity and capability to treat various diseases.) this jam also has the properties of shialjit as it has been prepared in its present form the composition of which contains wide variety of nutrients available from fruits

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The systems that could identify the problems are:

  • Headache too excessive
  • When the bowels have been exposed to some type of disease.
  • Some infection in the body. These infections could be of any type
  • Increasing age
  • Repeated fever


Some of the causes could be:

  • If you have changed your diets then it could attack your immune system
  • Age related exposure to diseases
  • Frequent exposure to the attacks of colds
  • Repeated fever attacks on the body
  • When some diseases have engulfed your body
  • Excessive alcohol drinking


The best of the jams available in the market, this Pineapple jam – 1 kg could be taken in a variety of ways. It could be spread over the piece of bread or a chapatti roll could be made delicious by applying a layer of the jam. The jam has many added benefits for the human body. It treats the body’s immune system and strengthens it making it capable of resisting various diseases. The jam which is the composition of various nutrients the major contributor being the pineapple composite of various fruits treats the body and its allied systems. It provides the antioxidants to the body making the system resistible to disorders. This Pineapple jam – 1 kg being a best ever shilajit available also helps in removing the habit of taking alcohol if a person is addicted to it. Better to make a habit of eating the jam regularly, make the jam a regular part of the daily breakfast. Making a regular part of the diet could make you compulsory take the benefits which otherwise could have been forgotten. It is capable of treating and protecting the body from being exposed to diseases.


  • Fresh pineapple
  • Sugar

Recommended dose

The best recommendations to have the jam is to take jam every morning in your breakfast. Take the jam according to your taste as it is not a medicine which needs dosage that is recommended

Directions for use

There are various ways this jam could be consumed. It could be spread over a piece of bread or it could be directly taken out of the bottle with the help of your figure and the jam is consumed by licking your figure.

Diet Recommendations


  • Chop out the various colorful fruits- the composition of the mixture that needs to be chopped out. Wash the fruits and they are eagerly waiting to be chopped. Cut them into small pieces and eat it piece by piece by using a table fork.
  • Throw them out: Throw the dangerous bacteria out as they are very harmful for the body. The bacteria are allowed to be diversify in the body could prove dangerous for body and it’s allied systems. The bacteria could be beaten if various minerals and vitamins and other minerals are consumed by the body.
  • Show your love: it’s better to show that you love drinking tea and very strictly follow the tea schedule because tea has many added benefits that could allow the body to remain disease free.
  • Bee a good cook in your kitchen: It’s better to help your family in the kitchen to prepare various dishes. By combining different vegetables into one, you could serve a single dish full of various nutritious values that could benefit.
  • The best the better: the best of fruits in a bowl, the better nutritions are entering the body. And these nutritious values could make the bacteria fly out of the body.


Some of the precautions that need to be taken are:

  • Do not be an alcoholic and have courage to throw the bottle of alcohol on the floor and break it and let the alcohol evaporate.
  • Stay away from the smoking areas and never let it come near you.
  • Wash your hands when coming into your house if you had gone out for some engagement as being outside of the house could attract various impurities in to body and washing them away could make your body bacteria free.
  • Stay away from the areas that could contain flying dust particles.
  • Be cautious with your sleep and do not make a habit of getting up late in the morning as getting up early in the morning and going out in the fresh air could breathe in fresh air that could make your lungs infection free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How could the jam remove my alcohol?

The jam is the best ever shilajit that is available in the market and shilajit means to remove the habit of alcohol.

Q2. Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects in this jam.

Q3. Are the fruits grown hygienically?

Yes, the fruits that are used in the preparation are grown hygienically and organically.


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