Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam

Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam-bigMIX FRUIT JAM -500GM is a jam that has been prepared with the various fruits. The fruits have been used inside are of various types and consumed by a person as an appetizer to improve the appetite of a person. This jam could be consumed in various ways but the end result is the same: just toning up the body. The jam in other words an all fruit jam tops up the body with various nutritious contents and protects it from the attack natural jam has many health benefits that this jam is capable of curing. The health benefits that could be capable of include various types of problems that are related to the stomach and the surroundings.

The stomach is the most sensitive part of the human body as it remains always prone to the attacks that could be supplied by the foods and the things we eat as food and the things we eat gets collected in the stomach and is digested in this area. Any impurities supplied to this area could make the stomach prone to some types of infections and disorders. And this fruit jam cures stomach infections and stomach disorders

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  • Some of the symptoms that could help identifying the
  • When there are complaints of vomiting
  • When there are signs of fever in the body
  • Certain signs of cramps in the stomach and the abdomen
  • Nausea signs
  • Signs of headache mild or severe


The causes which could identify the signs of infection in the stomach are:

  • Excessive alcohol
  • Food poisoning caused by improper eating
  • Certain type of infection in the urinary tract
  • Smoking if not in control
  • Stomach gas
  • Excessive stress on the mind
  • Irregular eating habits could put excessive load on the stomach


The basic treatment that is offered by MIX FRUITJAM -500GM is not complex in nature has been normally offered by the word treatment. The treatment is very sweet in nature because of the sweet nature of the jam. The purpose of the jam is quite clear, to make the things that we eat and also to give it a sweet taste. But, the main purpose of this MIX FRUIT JAM -500GM is hidden inside it as it has been prepared by the natural fruits that are eaten on a daily basis. The natural fruits that are the constituents of various natural nutrients make the body energized to fight various diseases and this ability to fight the diseases which has been experienced by the body on a regular basis is the result of the regular consumption of the nutrients. This jam when taken on a regular basis treats the various infections that have been related to the disorders of the stomach. The natural constituents of the jam energize the stomach by providing various minerals and vitamins and other supplements that boosts.


This fruit jam mixed with various fruits contains different types of fruits including:

  • Mango
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • Grape
  • Apple
  • Guava

Directions for use

There are no set patterns to use this jam and there are not stipulated dosage recommendations for using it. The only thins which could be done to avail the benefits of this jam is to use the jam regularly. It could be spread evenly on a piece of bread. It even could be spread evenly on a chapatti or another method of taking it is to take a spoon of jam and put directly in the mouth.

Diet recommendations

Certain diet recommendations which could be planed in proper way if there are any kind of stomach disorders are:

  • Take bananas on a regular basis and daily basis as it could boost the stomach cure treatment if any types of disorders are endangering the stomach
  • The best foods that could be included are to include the foods that are rich in fiber content. The fibers in the foods could remove any types of impurities from the stomach. The impurities get attached to the fibers and these fibers get removed from the stomach at their own time
  • Foods that contain excess of fats are the must avoid foods that could jeopardize your stomach and put it on the danger of different types of infections and disorders
  • Different types of fruits and veggies are all the time eatables that could be taken tension free and could remove the ill effects of problems


Some of the precautions that could be observed are:

  • Remove alcohol from your life. Also make it a habit to say no to someone if someone invites for a party where alcohol could be served. Alcohol gets accumulated in the stomach and is not digested. It accumulates over the years exposing the stomach to certain types of disorders
  • The inhaling of the smoke from cigarettes needs to be avoided as small unfiltered tobacco particles from the cigarettes in the smoke clogs the various systems of the body. This makes the stomach and other body parts vulnerable to various infections and disorders
  • Stay hydrated and never allow the water contents to get displaced from the body
  • Wash your hands before having your foods as it could prevent any impurities from going in your body
  • Always try to drink bottled water and never try to take water directly from the tap if you have left for journey as tapped water could be contaminated
  • Make it clear that your surroundings are clean
  • Do not take excessive stress
  • Try to take good rest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are there any side effects involved in using this jam?

No, there are no side effects involved and it is totally safe.

Q2. Are the fruits that have been used free from any chemical use?

Yes, the fruits that have been used do not contain any chemical effects.

Q3. Is the consumption of this jam could cure my stomach disorders?

Yes, the jam is capable of curing any stomach disorders.


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