Divya Patanjali Balm

Patanjali-Balm-bigDivya Patanjali Balm – 25 gm – the great reliever as it could be said is the combination of various herbal combinations, the properties of which could give relief from the headache, the natural spoiler of daily activities. We are a busy society and almost all of have the workload on our minds already planned ahead before going out for the day’s job. But in case, we people suffers some types of disorders, then a cause of worry. The whole day is spoiled. And above all the headache could be a min source to be considered that could spoil a day. Patanjali Balm- 25 gm could be giving us Natural headache relief.

The application of the balm involves the massaging the head and it is a natural rhinitis cure. The rhinitis is the problem that belongs to the respiratory system and the problem leads to the stuffy nose and blocked nose. This balm gives relief in such conditions. This herbal balm has been especially prepared to suit people of all ages.

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There are certain symptoms which could be helpful in identifying:

  1. Fever, vomiting types of situations.
  2. Weakness, dizziness in the body.
  3. When your head is experiencing slight discomfort.
  4. Certain tiredness around the forehead.
  5. When there is a feeling of tiredness near the shoulder muscles, scalp and neck portion of the body.
  6. When you are not feeling to work.
  7. Redness in the eyes.


Certain causes that could identify the problem are:

  1. When there is excessive stress on the mind.
  2. Due to migraine.
  3. Due to infection in the respiratory system i.e. due to attacks of cold.
  4. Running nose.
  5. Due to anesthesia given prior to certain type of surgery.
  6. Glaucoma in the eyes.
  7. The nostrils are blocked due to certain infection in the nose.


Patanjali Balm – 25 gm is massaged over the head. The better the massage technique, the better the results. The massage over the forehead increases the blood circulation in the head. The nerves that carry the blood across various portions of the head get activated and the increased blood flow in the brain removes any symptoms of the headache. The balm has been prepared by the herbs the properties of which have been combined into a single manifold that combines into the cure. When the balm helps in increasing the blood flow in the inner membranes of the brain, it helps in clearing the blocked tracts that have been causing the headache. The balm helps in clearing any symptoms of the headache.


The ingredients that have been used to prepare the balm are:

  • Pudina Sat (Mentha Piperita)
  • Neelgiri Taila (Eucalyptus globules)
  • Gandhpura Taila (Gaultheria fragrantissima)

Recommended dose

The recommended dose of the balm is quite simple in nature. Rub a thin film of the balm in your figure tips and apply this on your forehead.massage it very gently on the forehead.

Directions for use

Just a simple directions for use of this balm is to take out some balm from the bottle with the help of your figure tips. Apply Patanjali Balm – 25 gm application over the forehead and gently massage the balm over the entire portion of the head. The balm gives relief in some time to come and you could feel great relief.

Diet plans

There are certain diet recommendations that could be applied if the problem of headache persists. The diet plans that could be exercised are:


  • The use of cheese and other dairy products could be taken with utmost care, but with limited use.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies could be made a regular part of your daily diets.
  • Avoid the food that is not properly refrigerated.
  • The use of chocolates needs to be avoided.
  • An artificial sweetener commonly given the name as Aspartame needs to be avoided. This sweetener is generally used to sweeten many types of desserts and candies.
  • Water is an excellent headache reliever. The end conclusion is to drink good amount of water during the day.
  • Soybeans, flaxseeds that contain omega 3 fatty acids could be taken regularly as it could be a great reliever in the headaches.
  • Foods that contain vitamin B2 could be made regular parts of the diets.
  • Spinach has always played an important part in relieving various body disorders. Spinach could also give much needed relief from the headaches.
  • Eatables that contain magnesium could be taken as magnesium gives strength to the brain membranes.


Some of the precautions that could relief from the headaches are:

  • Try to avoid taking too much stress and tensions on the mind.
  • You should take safety against taking too much anxiety.
  • The use of alcohol needs to be avoided.
  • The use of fast foods should always been taken with cautions.
  • During winter season, try to cover your nose with warmer and try not allowing the cool air to leave its affect on the respiratory system.
  • If you are driving a two wheeler, try to avoid the dust and dirt to enter through your nose so as to avoid the blockage of your nostrils.
  • Try to go out early in the morning in the fresh air. Inhale the fresh air to clear off your air ducts leading to your respiratory system.
  • Exercises could be done on regular basis as exercises reduce the risk of headaches.
  • Smoking should be quitted as the first priority because smoking and unfiltered tobacco contents in the smoke get accumulated in the respiratory system leading to the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are the herbs that have been used in the preparation of the balm natural?

Yes, natural herbs have been used in the preparation of the balm.

Q2. Are there any side effects involved in?

No, there are no side effects involved in using the balm.

Q3. Is the balm safe for any age of people?

Yes, the balm is totally safe for all.


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