Divya Medha Vati – 40 grams

medhavati-bigDivya Medha Vati is an essential herb prepared to cure Memory related problems. This Vati is very much effective in increasing Memory of the person, enhancing retention in the brain, nourishes the brain cells and tissues etc.

Medha Vati is very well recommended to teenagers and children. This Vati proves to be the overall memory enhancement for a child. In today’s fast moving world there are so many things to remember that it becomes difficult for a child to focus sometimes. In order to enhance the concentration of the individual one can take the help of this Vati. Divya Medha Vati is a unique herbal solution for memory improvement.

(40 gram of Divya Medha Vati produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy, Approximately 80 tablets per bottle.)

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Along with increase in concentration one can also increases their stamina to remember so many things at a time. This Vati provide nourishment to the Brain cells to function much faster. This Vati is very effective in providing the required nutrients to the Brain in order to keep young forever. It consists of supplements for memory and is a unique herbal remedy for memory enhancement.

With the development of Brain it needs so many things to grow but due to lack of proper nourishment one remains inactive in Brain activity. But now one can find huge effects with the help of this Vati. This Vati helps Brain cells to align properly and function effectively. It also helps to clear out all the Dead cells from the brain. It helps to nourish the Brain nerves also.

This is a kind of medicine which is very effective for Old aged people because during old age the Memory becomes weaker and person losses proper concentration and retention power. But this Vati is just like a miracle for all those who are finding supplements for memory loss. This Vati is totally safe and natural that makes even the best choice from all the available Products.

It increases alertness of the mind. This Vati helps to have active Brain activity and is proved Memory improvement remedy. It helps to calm down the stressed out nerves of the Brain and provide them relieve from hyperactivity.

Benefits of Using this Vati:

This Vati provide benefit in case of Headaches or migraine problem. This is a pure herb in providing relief from severe Headaches. This herb is best alternate in case of Allopathic or other chemicals which are present in the market in order to cure Migraine problem.

With the regular use of this Vati one can get relief from sleeplessness or Insomnia. The patient is unable to get any sleep due to high Stress level or some kind of Anxiety. Later this problem gives rise to various other troubles like Obesity, High Blood pressure, Cholesterol increases, Diabetes, etc. So, one can avoid all these problems with the help of just one product Divya Medha Vati.

Woman fired from her jobThis Vati is good for the patients of Depression where person gets negative thoughts or hallucinations. This is chemical imbalances in the brain area. This Vati proves perfect healer in case of Depression.

There are various other problems in which this Vati is best anecdote like Anxiety, restlessness etc. A person gets relief from anxious thoughts and is able to live more peaceful and calm life.

Due to nerves imbalances or nervous related disorder there occur Frustration. This also gives rise to so many other problems. But one can take the help of this Vati in order to get relief.

This Vati is very beneficial in increasing Memory of the Person. It enhances the concentration power also. This is very good in case of Children or slow learners. This Vati will considerably enhance the Memory and also their alertness of mind. The supplements for memory in this natural herbal remedy help in memory improvement naturally.

This Vati is used in order to enhance the Retention power whether complicated things to large data, everything can be retained in the mind.

This is very good remedy in case of Forgetfulness. Especially during old age one can gain the benefit of this Vati and increases their Memory power. It removes all the problems specially Attention deficits among the teenagers. Due to inactive Nerve cells one’s Behavior also affects.

This Vati works perfect on Mood swings or disorder. It stabilizes the Mood of the person and balances their Brain activity. This Vati is also recommended in case of Loss of Memory due to accidents. It is the best memory enhancement product that is safe and effective.

Directions of Use:

This Vati should be taken two per day preferably during morning and bed time with milk.


One should consult their Doctors if having any medical abnormality in the brain.

Home remedies:

shankhpushpi-picThis Vati is made of so many Herbs which are totally safe and natural. The product is amalgamation of following herbs:
Shankh Pushpi, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Saunth, Jaharmohra Pisthi, Aswagandha, Vach, Moti Pisthi, Neem, Tulsi etc.

Therapeutic Uses:

This Vati works wonder for Brain activity like Increasing Memory, Alertness, concentration, Retention, etc. This is medically tried and tested product in order to cure Anxiety, Depression, Frustration, Mood Swings or Insomnia etc. So, this is an overall mental tonic in order to nourish each and every nerve cell.

Diet recommendations:

One should take Dairy products specially Milk, cheese, Curd which provides strength to the Brain cells. Along with this green vegetables are good for increasing Memory.

Lifestyle recommendations:

One should start some Breathing exercises which are necessary to eliminate toxins from the body. Also some kind of Yoga or aerobics provides healthy Brain activity.

Concept behind the Product:

This Vati is made specifically in order to nourish the Brain. As Brain is the control room of the Body it needs to be cared properly. In order to provide secure and safe solution to Brain related problems one can take the help of this Vati. This is perfect Brain Tonic which is made up of herbs known for their therapeutic effects on the brain.

Customers view about the product:

“I was suffering from severe Memory problem. I tried every single medicine meant to cure Memory related problems. But I still forget things and my retention power was weaker. Then I read about this Vati and thought about trying this. Trust me I am relieved today as my memory has increased. I can now remember things much better then earlier. Thanks to this Medha Vati.”


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