Divya Lavana-bhaskar choorna 100gm

LAVANBHASKAR-bigFor indigestion relief, Lack of appetite and gastrointestinal disorders

Swami Ramdev Medicine Divya Lavan bhaskar churna is a great combination of ayurvedic herbs which is an effective remedy for gastrointestinal disorders. All the herbs in Lavan bhaskar churna are natural and helps in getting rid of all the signs and symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders. A person suffering from any gastrointestinal disorder may take this natural product regularly to get relief from pain in abdomen, lack of appetite, flatulence, constipation, feeling of fullness etc. The natural herbs used in Lavan bhaskar churna are found to best suited remedies for indigestion relief. All the natural herbs are traditionally believed to support the gastrointestinal organs for their normal and effective functioning.

(100 grams of Divya Lavan Bhaskar Churna produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy)


Take one teaspoon (5 grams) of Lavan bhaskar churna twice daily with water or as directed by physician.

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People suffering from gastrointestinal disorders complain of different symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, pain in upper abdomen, flatulence, feeling of fullness after eating food etc. These symptoms appear if a person eats god too rapidly or not chewing properly. Emotional problems and mental stress are also causes of gas and ingestion. Constipation is another cause which interferes with the normal working of gastrointestinal organs and causes gastrointestinal disorders.

Certain foods such as beans, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, radish, strawberry and some sea foods may cause indigestion problems in certain people if they are not properly cooked. Fried foods also produce gas and discomfort in the abdomen. People who indulge in excessive smoking may also suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Many individuals swallow their food rapidly without chewing properly which causes formation of gas. Carbonated drinks release lot of carbon dioxide gas which may produce indigestion problems.

It is very simple to get rid of gastrointestinal disorders naturally. It is very important to chew the food properly so that food is properly digested and assimilated in the body. Lavan bhaskar churna is a natural herbal product that also gives indigestion relief without producing any side effects. People suffering from digestion problems can take this natural product to get immediate relief from indigestion and other associated symptoms. Lavan bhaskar churna is a natural product for treating lack of appetite which may be produced due to any cause. It acts on the lining of the stomach and rejuvenates the cells for their efficient working.

Lavan bhaskar churna is an effective natural product for digestive disorders and anyone can take this natural herbal product. Lavan bhaskar churna is safe for children as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It helps to increase appetite in children. Lavan bhaskar churna helps in regular bowel movements and prevent constipation. People suffering from constipation can take this natural product to get rid of constipation. All the herbs that are used for making Lavan bhaskar churna are found to effective for gastric disorders. These herbs soothe the lining of stomach which may get irritated due to excessive production of HCL. It helps to maintain acid base balance in the stomach and helps in proper digestion of the food. Thus, people suffering from gastric ailments can take Lavan bhaskar churna regularly to get rid of all the signs and symptoms. It is a natural herbal product and does not produce any side effects if taken regularly for a long time.


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