Divya Kesh Taila (Stops The Hair Fall) 100 ml

kesh-taila-bigDIVYA KESH TAILA – the cure for various hair problems that are in the form of baldness happening on the head. Hair begins to fall due to various reasons. These reasons could develop in any age. There is no set pattern for the hair to fall. It can be of any extent and in any form. These form and extent could vary from head to head and from person to person. DIVYA KESH TAILA when applied over the head stops the hair fall. A natural treatment for hair loss, this oil to grow hair massages the internal body lining and gives it strength allowing more blood circulation in the head. The improved circulation gives enough energy to the roots of the hair injecting fresh energy into the roots. The energy gets sucked into the fine tube like formations through capillary actions.

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Symptoms of Falling Hair:

  • Excessive thinning of the hair.
  • Weakening hairline.
  • The scalp area is increasing.
  • Broken hair could be seen when combing is done in the hair.
  • Rapid weight loss.

Causes of Falling Hair:

There could b various causes for the hair to fall. Most common of them could be:

  • The condition of menopause which could occur only in women.
  • Excessive consumption of VITAMIN A tablets.
  • The consumption of poor dietary forms: The consumptions of poor diet could be the major contributor to the hair loss as the main food values could be missing in case poor diets are consumed. Major vital nutrients could include iron, sodium etc.
  • Mental stress: Some mental stress on the mind could help the body in losing the hair which otherwise could be of good health had the stress been not on the mind of a person.
  • Due to some damage to the hair due to too much tightening of the hair while hair is being braided by women.
  • Some types of diseases like thyroid.
  • Due to increase in the age of a person.

Treatment that is offered:

The treatment that is offered by DIVYA KESH TAILA treats the problem of hair fall by massaging the head. The massage that is offered on the head improves the circulation of the blood in the arteries that form a huge network on the inside of a head. This massage creates new paths in the head. The creation of the new paths does not mean that the blood will flow from some other routes. The blood will flow through the arteries, but the whole route is properly cleaned and all the impurities are removed from the inside of the arteries. The cleaning of the blood routes improves the circulation of the blood and allowing it to reach the roots of the hair giving the hair a new strength and stops them from falling. The oil nourishes the whole interior of the head and helps in growing new hair at the pores in the head where there have been hairs earlier.

Ingredients contained in the oil:

The ingredients that are used in the composition of the oil are:

  • lotus
  • Lodhra
  • Mushtapriyangu
  • Ratan-Jot
  • Indigo
  • Ananta-Mula
  • Jata- Mansi
  • Bhringraj
  • Sesame Oil
  • Shweta Chandana
  • Amla

Recommended Dose:

The recommended dose of this is to apply some oil over the head.

Directions for use:

The proper method is to apply the taila over the roots of the hair and massage it well. Keep the oil over the head after massaging.

Diet plans in case of hair fall:

In case a person is suffering from hair loss, then some diet plans could be followed so as to get some relief from the falling hair. Some of the diets include:

  • Some Chicken in the diet: The consumption of chicken in the diet could help in injecting the vital proteins in the body and since a human hair is composed of proteins, the consumption of chicken could help in checking hair fall.
  • Fish, soya, eggs could be another good option: the consumption of fish, soya, eggs and other food items that have protein could be another good option.
  • Make a good stock of Vitamin C: Make a good stock of vitamin C in your diet as its deficiency could trigger the loss of hair which could end up in showing a shinning moon in the top of your head.
  • Take iron rich foods: The food and drinks that are rich in iron contents could help you stop hair loss and prevents you from getting bald.
  • Food items that are rich in silica contents like celery, mango, beans etc. and other sources that are rich in silica could help in preventing the loss of hair.
  • Return the smile with Vitamin E: Consume VITAMIN E and give fresh lease of life to your hair.
  • Consume nuts, oats and other eatables that are rich in VITAMIN B could help in stopping hair loss.

Precautions that could be taken:

Some of the precaution that could be taken in case there is a loss of hair includes:

Woman with smooth hair. High quality image.

  • Take proper care of your hair.
  • While washing your hair, it is advisable not to use harsh treatments while your hairs are wet and apply shampoo over the hair in a smooth manner.
  • Do not comb your hair while your hairs are wet as the roots of wet hair are loose and combing could loosen the roots a hair could come out of the roots.
  • Use oil on the hair after the hair has properly dried up. The use of comb while the hairs have excessively dried up could tend the hair to come out of the roots.
  • It’s advisable for women that women should not tie up the hair tightly with the rubber bands as too much tightening could loosen up the roots.
  • Avoid styling of the hair that could put unnecessary stress on the hair.
  • Avoid the use of stress that could put your hair in danger.
  • Take precautions and prevent your head from any type of infections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are there any side effects that are involved?

No, there are no side effects that are involved in using this.

Q2. What types of herbs have been used in the manufacture?

The herbs that are used are the natural healing herbs.

Q3. Is this oil suitable for both men and women?

Yes, this oil is suitable for use by both men and women.


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