Divya Hridyamrit Vati 40gm

hridyamrita-bigDivya Hridayamrit Vati as the name suggests An Ayurvedic herb to maintain the health of the Heart. It is called as the Natural Remedies for Heart. It maintains the function preformed by the Heart.

This Vati is popularly known as keeping the Heart free from any problems. It controls the Palpitations of the Heart and regulates the normal level. This Herb having strong agents which helps in preventing Heart disease. It is a unique remedy for natural heart cure.

(40 grams of Divya Hridayamrita Vati produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy.)

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This Vati is having essential herbal extracts which are good for the Heart. Due to its herbal mixture this Vati is one of the most suitable in case of any Heart ailments. Its natural herbs work deep inside the Heart and are totally safe for the life of the Heart. It consists of natural remedies for heart that provide nourishment to the heart for optimum functioning. The natural herbs in this product help in preventing heart diseases naturally. It is believed to be an excellent natural heart cure for all diseases.

It prevents problem of Strokes, Heart attacks etc. It prevents any such sudden Heart attacks. This Vati is very good in case of removing Arteries Blockages. It regulates normal Blood circulation to and fro from the heart. It prevents formation of Clots occurring in any area of Heart. This Vati helps to make Blood thinner and which is easy to move in any part of the body.

Divya Hridayamrit Vati is having all the qualities of a strong protector of the Heart. It protects general weakness of the Heart which causes Heart attacks.

It protects the Heart valve to have smooth functions as to have free flow of blood and oxygen properly. If the person is suffered from any Kind of Heart attacks or is susceptible to any kind of Attacks then one should take the help of this Vati.

Research has proved that those who are taking this Vati regularly are able to develop a healthy Heart. Their Heart muscles are much stronger and are able to develop much better valve.

This Vati can be use in order to reduce the Cholesterol level in the Blood. This prevents in creation of any Blood lipids. Also this Vati is being recommended in case of surgeries or operations to have early recovery. It is a Natural Heart cure treatment.

Benefits of Using this Vati:

The Heart is the life energy of a person. It is very much necessary for the Life. So, it becomes necessary to take good care of one of the most important part of the person’s body. Divya Hridayamrit Vati is known for its multi benefits for overall health also.

This Vati is very much important in order to control the Weight of the person With obesity one can get Heart troubles or breathing problems. This can only be stopped with the help of Divya Vati. This Vati removes extra fat from the Heart and makes one’s heart trouble free.

This Vati helps in stabilizing Blood pressure of the person. It controls the Blood cholesterol level also. Thus is very remedy for Blood related problems. This Vati maintains the Heart by helping its proper Blood supply. This Vati helps to smooth the Blood supply in the Heart and help to have proper Oxygen level there.

It prevents Arteries Blockages. Thus a very good remedy in case of Heart attacks and Strokes. It also stabilizes the Palpitation of the Heart muscles. It prevents Heart from any kind of Infections also. It acts as a protective shield which covers the Heart and provides that strength to fight against foreign bodies. Natural remedies for heart provide nutrition to the muscles of the heart for normal functioning. By providing effective nutrition is helps in preventing heart diseases and make your heart healthy.

It nourishes the Heart muscles and energizes each and every cell of the Heart. If the Heart muscles are weaker then a person feels tiredness or loss of energy all the day. But it is evident that this Vati provides strength to the Heart muscles and makes them much stronger to function all day long. It removes Dead cells and Blockages present in the heart which prevents Heart to pump Blood better. It clean up the Arteries and helps to have smooth functioning.

Directions of Uses:

shutterstock_99392933Take two tablets daily with milk or water. Preferably in the morning and at bed time. Keep 15 minutes difference between allopathic medicine and this medicine.

Therapeutic Use:

This Herbal product is meant to cure Heart Attacks, Strokes, Heart failure, Blockages in the arteries, Palpitation problems, and blood purifications. This medicine is not restricted to just the Heart but it has positive effects on other parts like it maintains the Blood pressure, controls the cholesterol level in the body, remove impurities from the Blood etc. So, this is multipurpose natural Vati.

Home remedies:

It is made of special herbs which are having therapeutic value like Aswagandha, Hiraka Bhasma, Shringa Bhasma, Rajata Bhasma, Mukta pisthi, Akika Pisthi, Nirgundi, and Punarnava etc. All these are some of the best herb which takes care about the heart health.

Diet Recommendations:

The Food should be easily digestible and one should follow totally organic diet. Also excessive oily, spicy and salty food should be avoided.

Life style recommendations:

One should follow some exercise like walking or Yoga which helps to strengthen heart muscles. Also breathing exercises are good for the pumping of the impurities out of the body. One should be physically active in order to maintain healthy heart.


One should ask their doctors if they have suffered from any Heart surgeries or Operations before taking this Vati.

Concept behind the product:

The Main reason to make this product is to provide some natural cure to heal Heart troubles. This is made in order to provide relief from all the Heart problems as heart is very much sensitive to any such therapies. Natural healing not only cures the problem but whole of the system as well.

Customers view about the Product:

“I had undergone Heart surgery. But my condition was not getting better due to Blockades. Then doctors recommended me this Vati and now I am getting recovered much faster. My Heart is stable now and much healthier.”

“I have diagnosed with the Arteries Blockade. And doctors recommended surgeries only remedy. But then I read about this product and started using it. I found profound relief as my Doctors had checked the problem and found Blockade up to 50% lower. Thanks to this Vati.”


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