Divya Udarkalp Churna

udarkalp-churna-bigUDARKALP CHURNA -100GM is the combo of natural herbal remedies for constipation acts as a natural cures for indigestion, relief for gas. Gas-this is a very awkward situation when it gets developed in the stomach. It puts the affected person in great difficulty when these types of gas problems arise in the stomach. The problem of gas, indigestion arises when the stomach is not clearing properly. When the stomach is not clearing properly, it leaves acidic solutions in the stomach causing further types of problems.

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Causes of Stomach Problems:

There could be various causes which could be cause of the concern:

  • Stomach Infections
  • Thyroid glands.
  • Bowels not clearing properly.
  • Improper exercise schedule to help the food to digest properly

Treatment Which Could Be Taken:

The treatment from the problems of the stomach that is causing absurd situations in the stomach is very simple to exercise. The formula for the cure related to these problems is contained in the mixture of this churna. Take this churna as recommended. The healing properties contained in the mixture acts directly on the digestive area of the body and the healing properties contained in it starts the curing procedure as planned and neutralizes any acidic formations that have formed in the system. The combination of herbs acts directly on the malfunctioned system to act as a curing agent.

Main Ingredients:

  • Haritaki
  • Misri
  • Revana Chini
  • Shata Patri
  • Saunf
  • Swarna Patri
  • Mulethi

Recommended Dose:

The recommended dose for this natural herbal remedy is to take two – five grams of churna. The best part of this is to be taken along with warm milk or water.

Directions for Use to Get Good Results:

The use of this herbal remedy is to warm a small amount of water and mix two to five grams of churna in it. Take this mixture just before going to sleep. It is advisable to take the churna as recommended to get the best results.

Diet Recommendations Which Could be Observed:

People who have the complaints of irregular digestive system must make some adjustments in their eating habits. The suggested adjustments are:

  • The persons suffering should more water and other fluid items during the time problem persists as water and fluidic things helps in getting rid of the problem.
  • Meat should if possible be consumed in less quantity because meat is harder to digest and so puts extra pressure on the system.
  • Always try to take meals in less qty with some space left in the stomach during meals and never ever try to overload the stomach.
  • Do not take food that are high in fat content as excess of fat puts excess pressure on the system and takes extra load on the system.
  • Avoid smoking and intake of alcohol.

Precautions Which Could be Taken:

There are a few precautions that if taken cared of properly can help you in getting some relief from the problems:

  • Food should be chewed properly and while chewing the food mouth should not be opened because if air is absorbed in the food, it gets into the stomach along with the food, it causes indigestion.
  • Try to avoid the fried and spicy foods as these fried and spicy foods are not digested easily in the digestive system.
  • Drink good quantity of water during the meals as water thins the food eaten and helps it to digest properly.
  • Take a good walk to digest the food properly.
  • It is advisable to take regular exercise to get rid of the situation
  • Do not go to sleep immediately after taking the food as it does not leave any time for the food to get digested and undigested food causes problems.
  • Do not take too much alcohol
  • Try to avoid smoking and avoid the use of tobacco.
  • Do not take too much stress.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1 How does it help me to get rid of the problems?

The natural healing effects contained in this formation cleanse the acidic situations that have developed in the stomach.

Q2 Does it produce any side effects if consumed regularly?

No, it does not produce any type of side effects as it has been formed by the herbs that have been tested before.

Q3 What persons of which age group can take this for its better effects?

Any person of any age can consume this to get the maximum benefits.

Q4 How does it give relief to my stomach?

The natural healing elements contained in the form of churna acts as a cleansing agent for the acids that have developed in the stomach.


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