Divya Herbal Switraghna Lep

Divya Herbal Switraghna Lep-bigDIVYA SWITRAGHNA LEP is a natural treatment meant purely to treat skin in various forms. Our skin- which is always at the behest of exposure to various forces gets displaced from its original form and is susceptible to adapt to new changes that are extended to it. The constant exposure of the skin cells to various outside toxic elements results in leucoderma. This DIVYA SWITRAGHNA LEP is a natural leucoderma cure. It helps in restoring the original composition of the skin cells and the restoration of the original composition of the skin cells also results in prevention of the discoloration of the skin as would have happened otherwise.

Preparation from various types of herbs and powered by the valuable nutrients, it helps in restoring the discoloration on the face.

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Symptoms for Skin Darkening

Some of the symptoms that could identify the disorders of the skin are:

  1. Diarrhea.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. High Blood Pressure.
  4. Redness in the skin
  5. Warmth or Swelling sensation.
  6. Feeling of the burning of the skin.
  7. Constipation.

Causes of Skin Darkening

Causes which are mainly responsible for the -:

  1. Excessive stress on the mind.
  2. Exposure of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  3. Disorders of the sun.
  4. Certain types of chemical reactions on the skin.
  5. Overactive thyroid gland.

Treatment offered by Divya Switraghna Lep

Prepared by the herbs that are natural in nature, it nourishes the pattern of the skin cells underneath. The nourishment offered activates the blood flow from underneath. The activation of the blood reunites the broken blood carrying terminals that are active. The restoring of the broken blood paths gives rise to new cells that helps. This massages the internal walls of the veins and the arteries so as to ensure that the blood flow from underneath the skin mesh could also massage the whole network properly. The restoration work does not take much time. When DIVYA SWITRAGHNA LEP is applied properly by massaging, it helps in curing various skin disorders which are otherwise exposing the person affected to various other diseases that are in relation to the primary. This herbal strengthener strengthens the blood vessels and in relation to it could change the complexion of a person.

Ingredients in Divya Switraghna Lep:

  1. Manjista
  2. Henna
  3. Geru
  4. Bakuchi

Recommended Dose for DIVYA SWITRAGHNA LEP

The method of application of this herbal treatment is quite simple in nature. Take some Divya Medicine and make a paste of it by adding it in small quantity of water. Apply the paste over the skin and the face to get the benefits.

Directions for use of DIVYA SWITRAGHNA LEP:

The required amount of this herbal formulation could be mixed in a few drop of oils made of neem. Add very few drop of warm water to it and make a paste of the whole mixture. Apply the paste thus prepared on the face and the skin. The paste changes the complexion of a person.

Diet plans which could make face and skin clear:

The diet plans which need to be followed to get the better complexion and to treat the face and the skin for the color patterns are:


  1. Take good amount of fresh fruits in your diet. Fresh fruits could include oranges, apples, pomegranate, and guava. A super-duper colorful bowl of fruits could make your skin smile.
  2. King of all veggies “Spinach” is loaded with various different vitamins. Vitamins that are loaded are vitamins B, C as well as E. Other vital nutrients such as iron, magnesium etc. also form a part of spinach party.
  3. The soft round balls “Tomatoes” are other great toners that could make your skin smile and “Tomatoes” could be consumed in many different ways. It can be directly taken out of the vegetable basket in your refrigerator or it could be used for cooking various different recipes. It could even be available in variety of sauces available in the market.
  4. No not make it a habit to use foods that are too heavy in oil ratio as excess of oil could leave your skin exposed to the harmful effects that could darken the skin.
  5. Chop fresh fruits and veggies to make it regular part of salad that could be taken along with your meals.
  6. Various types of minerals and other nutrients could be taken to help.
  7. Various levels of multi oxidants could whiten your skin if taken in the proper manners. Fruits and veggies are a rich source of various oxidants that could help.

Precautions to be taken to prevent the face and skin:

Certain precautions could be taken for protecting your skin from darkening and tanning:

  1. Avoid direct exposure of your skin and face to the harmful effects of the rays of the sun.
  2. Make a use of sun cream that could protect your face and skin when you are going out into the sun.
  3. Be careful of the water content in your body. Try not to stay without consuming water for too long.
  4. Then going out in the sun, keep your eyes covered and protected by the use of sun glasses. Sun glasses protect the eyes against the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun.
  5. Be careful against the use of alcohol and cigarettes as these two could leave your skin to various types of chemical attacks and make it vulnerable to darkness.
  6. Do not make use of chemically prepared cosmetics as it could leave toxic levels in your skin which could darken your skin and could spoil the face and the skin.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1. Are there any types of allergic reactions if I use this?

No, there are no such types of allergic reaction on the skin as it has been specially prepared to treat the skin.

Q2. Whet types of herbs have been used?

Natural herbs have nee used in the preparation of the medicated cream.

Q3. Is it cream costly to purchase?

No, it is very cheap and is not at all costly.


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