SWASARI-KWATH-bigDIVYA SWASARI KWATH -100GM is a unique combination of the herbal powers that are the extracts of the herbs available naturally. This removes any traces of the toxic elements that are present in the lungs. The drastic effects of these toxic elements leave the lungs in doldrums as the normal function of the lungs is hampered. This malfunction of the lungs could leave drastic affects on the other parts of the body as the main function of the lungs is only to regularize the air pressure in the whole body.

This varied air pressure in the body could lead to some other related diseases if the pressure difference gets disturbed. The resultant affects leads to asthma which is a resultant combination of various factors due to changes in the flow of air in the body system. This medicine has the treatment that is required by these persons. It also has bronchitis remedies in it – bronchitis is the similar disease that comes into existence when the passage of air gets disrupted in the portions of the body that are related to the air system of the human system. The other included benefits that are offered by this are that it has the natural herbs for lungs and is an asthma natural care system. This medicine cleanses the air system and the air paths that carry the air to various parts of the body.

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Symptoms that must be observed:

  • Pain in the chest
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • The sound while inhaling or exhaling.
  • Excess of coughing at night.
  • Excess of tiredness and fatigue.

Causes of The Problems:

  • Excess of exercises leads to more air being pushed into the body.
  • Any type of pollution in the air e.g. dust, smoke, some type of minute flying debris.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Virus attack on the respiratory system
  • Cough persisting for some time.

Treatment Offered to The Patient:

The treatment offered by this medicine helps in regulation of the air pressure as it treats any type of disorders that are in the lungs. The treatment offered to the lungs in turn help the persons that are suffering from asthma. The medicinal formula acts a natural healing to the patients who have been suffering from various types of problems that are related to the respiratory system. The respiratory problem has its origin in the lungs and spread around to other related areas of the body system. This medicine treats all the air systems of the body; cleanse all the tracts and pathways that carry air to other parts of the body. The cleaning of the tracts and passageways allows the normal flow of air to various parts of the body thus allowing the body to function normally. This medicine helps in strengthening the lungs so that the lungs are more active to handle any type of challenges that are offered to the body. Various types of challenges that could be offered to the body could be through the various types of exercises that a body could be subjected to. These exercises when in the vigorous form inhales more air into the body thus setting up new challenges for the lungs. Here the lungs must be strong enough. This medicine helps the body in making the lungs stronger and eradicates any type of disorders in the body.

Main Ingredients Of This Medicine:

  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum(Dalchini)
  • Zingiber officinale(Sonth)
  • Cassia fistula(Amaltas)
  • Cinnamomum tamala(Tejpatra)
  • Cordia dichotoma(Lisorra)
  • Viola odorata(Banafsha)
  • Clerodendrum serratum( Bharangi)
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra( Mulethi)
  • Ocimum sanctum( Tulsi)
  • Syzgium aromaticum( Laung)
  • Adhatoda vasica( Safed vasa)
  • Piper longum( Choti peepal)
  • Justicia gendarussa( Kala vasa)
  • Solanum surattenese( Choti kateli)

Recommended Dosage of The Medicine:

The recommended dose of this formula is to take 5 grams or in other words one spoon in about 400 milliliter of water, boil the solution till the solution has reduced in volume. Consume this mixture to claim its benefits.

Directions for Use:

The method of preparation of this herbal medicine is to put about one teaspoon in about 400 milliliter of water, boil the solution till about ¾ of the solution has boiled. The remaining ¼ of the solution is ready for consumption to claim its benefits. The medicine can be taken of the two ways- before meals or after meals.

Diet Recommendations that could Be Help:

  • There is a need to have a good package of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Dairy products need to be excluded from the diet plans.
  • Vitamin C rich eatables that include Kiwi, oranges and other items could be consumed.
  • Papaya, tomatoes, sweet potatoes could be a regular part of the diet.
  • Chocolates and coffee products that contain caffeine could help in giving the much needed relief.
  • Fresh juice taken out from fresh fruits could be consumed every 5 hours.
  • A few milk soaked dates could be taken just before going to bed at night.
  • Fresh salad prepared from freshly chopped vegetables.

Precautions That Could Be Observed:

  • Always try to stay away from the dust.
  • Always to keep away from smoke and other air pollutants.
  • Frequent hand washing to keep cleanliness.
  • It is better to quit smoking.
  • If possible, cover your nose while driving so as not to inhale any impurities.
  • Make a habit of brisk walking as brisk walking expose the lungs to more air pressure thus making it adaptable to such conditions.
  • Various types of tiresome exercises be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What types of herbs are used in it?

The herbs that have been used are the natural healing herbs that have the curing properties.

Q2. Will this medicine cure my lung problems?

This medicine purifies the lungs and removes any type of disorders in it.

Q3. Is this medicine free from any type of side effects?

Yes, this medicine does not have any side effects as the herbs that have been used are natural herbs that remove any type of disorders.


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