Divya Shivlingi Seed

Divya_Shivlingi-bigBuy now hereSHIVLINGI SEED -100GM – is used to increase the female fertility chances and to give an opportunity to a mother to have a baby whom she can feed and care for the life. The chance to have a baby greatly depends upon the fact whether the woman’s womb is fertile or not. Women’s fertilization means that the egg in woman’s ovary is capable of mixing with male sperm and then it settles in the uterus of a woman for a certain period of time.

These seeds are capable of increasing the chances of fertilization acts on the female reproductive organs. By acting on the reproductive organs, it gives a woman a chance to smile, thus minimizing the fertility problems. Thus these are natural fertility remedies that are very good in enhancing the woman’s chance to have better sex with her husband and in turn to become a mother of a son or a daughter. It helps a woman to experience complete womanhood –the most satisfying condition for a woman.


  • Failure to have pregnancy after repeated attempts.
  • Miscarriage that happens again and again.
  • Inability to keep the male sperm in the body after male releases sperm in her body.
  • Some type of pain is experienced during intercourse.



  • Abnormal condition of the uterus.
  • Due to some type infection in the fallopian tubes.
  • Some type of damage to the ovaries as this damage may not allow the eggs to hatch properly.
  • Excessive obesity or women who are under weight may not have the reproduction organs in proper health.
  • Excess of alcohol intake by men in question.
  • Some type of exposure to the toxic chemicals leads to the damage.
  • Any injury to the interior organs.
  • Any type of surgery on the reproductive organs

Treatment that is offered:

The treatment that is offered by the seeds after consumption treats the inner lining of the fertility system- the organs that play a vital role in the fertilization process. The organs that starts from ovary where the eggs start their journey passing through various stages of the fertilization process. The eggs that starts their normal and routine journey reaches the fallopian tubes, here male sperm is mixed and the eggs that keep on floating in the sperm reaches uterus. In the uterus the egg takes their position in a pre determined direction. These seeds could help a female to undergo the whole process easily. The chances of fertilization increases as these seeds gives the much required strength to the whole internal body structure and aides in giving strength to the sex hormones which are the necessary factor in fertilization thus increasing the desire to have sex. When this desire becomes a necessity, the chances of fertilization increases. Thus helps in attaining the self confidence when complete womanhood is experienced. The treatment that is offered by the consumption of the seeds corrects any type of damage that may have occurred by any reason which may affect the women’s chances of having a new life in her arms. The seeds that are available naturally have the powers to cure any type of fertility problems.

Ingredients that are inside:

Bryonia Laciniosa.

Recommended Dose for the disease:

The recommended dose of this is to take the finely powdered seeds along with cow’s milk.

Directions for use:

Take two spoons of the seeds and crush them to have their powder. Then consume the powder one hour before breakfast in the morning and one hour before dinner in the night.

Diet recommendations which are necessary:

  • Eat good quantity of fresh fruits and veges(vegetables).
  • Always good to drink lots of water as water keeps the harmful acids out of the body.
  • It’s better to quit coffee drinking as coffee contains caffeine which decreases the chances of fertilization.
  • Increase the intake of iron rich foods and the fruits that have high iron contents like spinach, orange etc.
  • Vitamins rich fruits and veges(vegetables) are also very good options that could be taken easily.
  • Milk in a glass could be taken everyday night to have good fertility rate and happiness on the face.
  • Eat good timer foods during the day and it is advisable to take some snacks in between the meals, the snacks that have high nutritious values.
  • A good healthy chicken aids in enhancing the fertility level.
  • Foods that have excessively high contents of E and Vitamin C are great in increasing the fertility rate.
  • Curd and cheese could play very vital tools in increasing the fertility rates of a woman and to bear a child.
  • Junk foods needs to be avoided as junk foods are not hygienically prepared.

Precautions which could be observed:

  • Need not put extra pressure on the mind and do not take excess of stress.
  • It is advisable for women not to exert yourself while doing physical exercises as it could sometimes put adverse affects on the body by damaging the organs that are a part of the reproduction system like uterus.
  • Balanced diet is necessary for women.
  • It is advisable not to put yourself in any type of confrontation with your partner.
  • Take a regular walk as it strengthens the reproductive organs.
  • Do not exert yourself while at work as it could lead to sleep during the night and could reduce the chance to have sex.
  • It is advisable to have a good walk to keep your organs healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1 How these seeds help me in my child bearing desire?

The herbs that are contained inside give the required strength to the sex hormones.

Q2. Is it safe to use the seeds?

Yes, the seeds have been extracted from the herbs that are naturally available.

Q3. Are the seeds capable of increasing my sex power?

The seeds are capable of increasing the desire to have safe sex.


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