Divya Herbal Sarvkalp Kwath

divya-herbal-sarvkalp-kwath-bigDIVYA SARVKALP KWATH -100GM is a combination of herbs that act as a curing agent for the liver diseases and problems. Liver the main organ of a human system. It controls the body function as it has been busy all the time in giving energy powers to the various body parts. It acts as a primary source of the digestive system as it digests the whole set of things that are eaten during the day. But, due to certain improper measures taken in its maintenance, this organ develops irregularities and stops the normal functions.

This herbal combination act as a stimulant to the various liver problems. It has been made from liver herbs– the herbs that have the power to cure various liver disorders. It acts as natural liver detoxifiers and has various liver support herbs included in it. This herbal combination gives the liver a protective covering against various diseases that could make a person suffer.

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Symptoms of liver Disorders:

  • Excess of fatigue is experiences.
  • Pain on the right side of the abdomen just below the ribs.
  • Abdomen gets swelled due to accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.
  • Weight loss.
  • Excess of weakness is experienced.
  • Confused mind.

Causes of liver Disorders:

  • Excess of consumption of alcohol.
  • Keep a watch on your body weight because obesity can cause liver damage.
  • Excess of eating puts too much burden on the liver.
  • Not urinating at the proper time when urine has been putting pressure in the body system.
  • Consuming unhealthy cooked food. Fried food could have negative effects on the liver.

Treatment that Medicine Offered:

The treatment offered to the liver is quite simple. The medicine when taken acts directly on the liver and cures it from various disorders. The curing agent acts on the weak portion of the organ and makes its tissues stronger so that the functionality returns to the original normalcy. The herbal formulation could be taken as has been prescribed and the effects that it offers are quite soothing to the patient who has been suffering a lot. It acts as a shield against various forms of irregular intake of foods that we eat and makes it stronger and safe from diseases.

Ingredients Contained Inside:

  • Bhumyamalaki.
  • Kaka-maci(Makoy).
  • Amaltas(Aragvadha).
  • Punamava.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended of this is to take 5 grams of medicine in warm water.

Directions for Use:

Take about 150ml of water and boil it in a pan. Add about 5 grams of this medicine to it and let the excess of water evaporate. Boil the water till about ¾ of water has evaporated. Then add some honey according to taste. Consume this whole mixture to get better results.

Diet Recommendations:

  • Foods containing high fat and cholesterol level and cause obesity should be avoided.
  • Diets that are rich in protein and could provide 2000-3000 calories per day should be consumed.
  • Alcohol, chemicals that contain toxic substances should be taken in limited quantities.
  • Items that contain fiber are good to eat.
  • Things that contain fat if possible need to be avoided.

Precautions that Could be Taken:

  • Always take good food to eat and never compromise in the food selection.
  • Try not to share the things that are used in toilets as these could bring various infectious diseases.
  • Drink alcohol in limited quaintest.
  • Eat fruits as fruits contain various minerals that form a protective film around the liver and protect it from various diseases.
  • Garlic, onions and other food that contains sulphur elements should be a regular part of the diet.
  • Food items that contain fiber contents remove the toxic agents from the liver.
  • Items that contain excess of fat should be avoided as excess of fat leads to obesity and cause liver damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Is the Use of this Medicine Safe for Use?

Yes, this medicine has been prepared from the natural herbs that make the liver stronger and gives it a protective covering from various diseases.

Q2. What types of Herbs have Been Used in its Manufacture?

The herbs that have been used are natural herbs that have the curing powers included in.

Q3. Is it safe for long term use?

Yes, the herbs used are totally safe and could be used easily.


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