Divya Peedantak Taila

divya peedantak taila-bigDIVYA PEEDANTAK TAILA the natural pain reliever that has many added benefits in its armory. Prepared by mixing various types of natural herbs, this pain reliever cures the various types of pains in the joints. The herbal pain reliever named DIVYA PEEDANTAK TAILA, it is prepared by mixing various extracts that have been taken out the natural herbs that are available. The herbal combination massages the joint that is affected by the pain and give it the soothing effect.

The soothing affect that enters the joint through the pores of the skin leaves its impact on the joint and leaves no traces of pain. The natural reliever, oil for joint pain, it gives the strength to the bones and the joint so that the joints could be made capable to tolerate any type of damage in the future. By properly and carefully using, the person gets much needed relief from pain.

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Symptoms of Joint Pain

  • Swelling in the joint is seen.
  • Some type of crackling noise coming out of the joint.
  • Pain in the abdomen does not let the person any relief.
  • Ache and pain in the muscles are troublesome
  • Excessive fatigue is experienced always.
  • Excess passing of the urine when it’s time to urinate.
  • Pain in the chest is experienced

Causes of Pin in the Joints

  • Some type of injury or sprain the joint.
  • Osteoarthritis means pain in the knees
  • Chronic pain in the joints.
  • Uric acid level increases in the blood.
  • Dislocation of the joint
  • Sprain in the ligament that surrounds the joint.

Treatment that is Offered:

The treatment that is offered by DIVYA PEEDANTAK TAILA gives the much needed relief to the person who has been suffering from the pain. When the oil is applied over the affected joint, the oil has the capability to enter the pores of the skin and very gently and soothingly pushes out the pain from the bones. The oil after entering the bone rushes out the elements that are the disturbing factors. The natural curing properties diminish the painful elements that are inside giving the smoothness to the joint. This oil has the capacity to cure any type of joint pains that have been caused by whatever causes. It does not differentiate the pains. It just needs a pain of whatever extent of type it is to lend the treatment.

Ingredients that are Inside

The ingredients that are used in the composition of this oil/taila are:

  • Shatavari
  • Sunthi (dry ginger)
  • Shata-pushpa ( Seeds of)
  • Citraka root
  • Misreya (Saunf)
  • Eranda root
  • Arka root
  • Dhattura
  • Bhringa-raja
  • Teja-patra
  • Madhu-yasti
  • Vaca
  • Haridra
  • Vatsanabha
  • Pippali roots (long pepper)
  • Rock-salt
  • Gaja-pippali
  • Jata-mamshi
  • Naga-keshar
  • Daru-haridra
  • Manjishtha
  • Palasa root
  • Pushkara-mula
  • Sugandha-bala
  • Ajamoda (Ajavayan)
  • Kupilu
  • Jyotishmati (Malkangani)
  • Gandha-prasharani
  • Rasna
  • Nirgundi
  • Lashuna
  • Cow’s Milk
  • Curd (yoghurt)
  • Dasha-mula
  • Jivaka
  • Meda
  • Vriddhi
  • Kakoli
  • Kshira-kakoli
  • Sesame Oil

Recommended Dose:

The recommended dose of this oil is quite simple in nature. Just apply some oil on the affected joint and do gentle massage.

Directions for Use:

It’s advisable to take some oil on the joint that is suffering from the pain. Gently massage the joint with the oil. The oil enters the bone and gives relief to a sufferer.

Diet Plans that are beneficial during joint Pains:

Diet plays a major role in controlling the joint pains. There are varieties of diets that could be experienced. A look of some soothing diets that could give relief is-:

  • Reduce foods that are rich in fats as fats could make your body obese and this triggers the pain in the joints.
  • A good variety of fruits and vegetables in your foods could help in case a person suffers from pain in the joints.
  • The benefits of tea could be taken in.
  • Diets that contain good amounts of sugar could trigger joint pains, so try to reduce the intake of sugar in your tea and other liquids or in desserts.
  • Fast foods or in other words junk foods should be kept to the minimum.
  • Coffee and cereals could increase the pain in the joints.
  • The consumption of salt should be reduced if you are a salt lover as more salt in the cooked vegetables could trigger joint pains.

Precautions that could be observed

  • Prevent your joints from any type of injury as injury of whatever extent whether major or minor could trigger the pain in the joints.
  • Keep a check on your weight: Try to keep a check on your weight as being overweight could make your belly fat and fat belly being supported on the legs could increase the pain in the knees if you already suffer.
  • Do not over exercise: Do not put extra burden on your body while exercising as over exercising could make you tired and could increase pain in the joint without warning you in dvance.
  • Take proper rest is you experience any type of pain in the joints.
  • Do not stand for longer periods or do not put your body joints at work for long.
  • Take a good sleep during night as it could be very beneficial for the whole of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1 Are there any type of side effects that are involved in using this oil?

No, the taila oil is totally safe if used and there are no side effects involved.

Q2. What types of herbs have been used to manufacture this?

The herbs that are use in the manufacture are natural herbs with the natural curing properties.

Q3. Is this oil ( Taila) capable of curing my arthritis which is giving me trouble for so many years?

Yes, this oil can cure any type of joint pains.


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