Divya Peedantak Kwath

peedantak-kwaith-bigDIVYA PEEDANTAK KWATH 100GM – the primary purpose of this is to act as a joint pain relief measure. The pains can enter any joint of the body. It can be minor or serious. Minor pains in the joints can be tolerated by a person, but if the pain is of serious type, then it definitely needs to be taken care of. Serious pain could be of such an extent that it can affect the overall personality of a person. This medicine puts an end to many of the pains. It can be an arthritis pain relief treatment remedy or a heart relief treatment remedy. The healing elements contained in the herbs contained enter the pain area and removes any traces of the diseases.

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Symptoms that must be observed:


  • Muscle Pain.
  • Sore Throat.
  • Swelling.
  • Scale type patches on the skin around the affected area.
  • Fatigue.
  • Abdominal Pain.
  • Chest Pain.
  • The affected are has turned red and some warmth is felt in the affected area.

Causes for the diseases:

  • Some infection in the pain area.
  • Trauma.
  • Compression of nerves.
  • Dislocation of the joint.
  • Strain or sprain.

Treatment which could be offered:

The treatment offered by this medicine help in keeping a person away from various types of joint pains. These herbs offer its help to the heart problems which could seriously jeopardize the whole system functionality of a person. The herbs contained in this formulation are extracted from the nature which has the natural healing power. The healing effect offered cures the various types of diseases that are related to the joints and heart. These herbs act on the bones and the arteries that have been causing various problems.

Ingredients contained in:

  • Parwal Bhasm.
  • Kapur.
  • Abhrak Bhasm.
  • Jaiphul.
  • Javetri.
  • Ropya Bhasm.
  • Jatamansi.
  • Talis patra.
  • Shwet chandan.
  • Suwam Maksika Bhasm.

Recommended Dose for the disease:

The dose of this medicine is quite simple. Boil some water and put about 5 grams of the herbal concentrate in to it. Boil it for some time till a smooth mixture is prepared. Add honey to taste. Drink it to get good results.

Directions for use:

Prepare some good mixture by boiling the water in a pan. Put about 5 grams of the herbal combination in to the water and keep it on the flame till a good smooth mixture has been prepared. Then add some honey to it and then the mixture is ready for consumption. Consume this medicine in the morning and in the evening.

Diet recommendations which are necessary:

  • Dairy products which could be beneficial for the arthritis patients include those products that are rich in calcium content. Also the products should be of low or no fat content.
  • Vegetables are very much essential to a part of the daily diet.
  • Calcium, potassium, magnesium & also other items which could contain omega 3 contents could be very healthy diet to maintain good health.
  • Almonds could be included in the diet plans. These could be taken in the salad form or could be mixed in yoghurt and then consumed.
  • Consume banana, orange, canned fruit, apple to get its benefits.
  • Avoid foods that contain high sugar contents.

Precautions which could be observed:

  • Protect yourself from injuries: Injuries whichever extent whether major or minor should be avoided as these can damage the cartilage and aggravate the problem.
  • Keep your weight in control: Keep your weight in control as excess weight could put excess pressure on the knees and increase the pain. So, keep a regular watch on the weight.
  • Regular exercises should be a regular part of the daily routine as exercises can help in maintaining the flexibility of the joints and maintain the regular lubrication of the joints. Exercises should not be vigorous but should be light and should cover various time segments.
  • Wear footwear that is properly fit in the foot.
  • Do not put any load on the affected area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1 How much time it would take for me to get cured?

It depends upon the extent of the disease and the time of the disease.

Q2. Does it have any side effects?

No, the medicine is totally safe to use and it does not contain any side effects.

Q3. Does it contain natural herbs?

Yes, it contains natural healing herbs.


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